How Dare You Throw Me Out after I Supported You

Rant by Mari Eliza

 Pre-election Rant of November 7, 2016

Today I heard something come out of the mouth of a local TV news anchor that angered me and forced me to sit down and write this article before I do anything else to try to win any more election points for anyone.

On this election eve, when the media is telling us that the balance of power in many states hangs on the votes of people of color and other oppressed and disadvantaged people getting out to vote, a TV commentator reported that millions of poor and middle class families are leaving the state of California because they cannot afford to live here. She followed this with the well–worn joke about the price of housing, “if you have to ask how much it costs you cannot afford it.”

I find this incredibly offensive toward that part of the population that is expected to determine the outcome of this crazy election. How dare anyone insinuate that the fringe minorities should vote to clean up a state that they have no hope of staying in. How dare anyone suggest that the people who made this state the socially conscious haven that it is, who watched friends and relatives struggle to stay, be told that if they can’t afford to live here, they can leave.

Why should anyone bother to make your life better by supporting fair government processes, improved education, cheaper medical system, eliminating capital punishment, decriminalizing marijuana, upholding a fair tax system and provide affordable housing for everyone else? Why should they vote?

How dare the media that brought us many of these problems by their constant coverage of tripe and nonsense make a joke of the lives of the poor and less fortunate on the eve of the biggest, most controversial election cycle in recent memory while telling them to vote.


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