An honest tenant scorecard

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

There are lies and misleading statements in every election, and San Francisco has seen its share. But this fall’s contests featured a particularly painful version: Some candidates who are very much part of the moderate, pro-landlord, pro-Big-Tech side of things tried to convince the voters that they were “progressives.”…

So we need a bit more objective criteria for these contests, and the Tenants Union has a good start. The group has put out a voting scorecard for local elected officials that shows where they all were on the critical issues this fall – the ballot measures and, equally important, the endorsements.

You don’t get to call yourself pro-tenant if you go out and support anti-tenant candidates and causes.

You can get a pretty high-rest version here. (Tenants Union Scorecard)

Another key vote on the Mission’s future

The Board of Supes has another chance Tuesday/29 to make clear that the future of development in the Mission has to be re-evaluated – and based on the most recent precedent, it’s hard to see how they can let the latest project go forward.

Two weeks ago, the board, in a dramatic move, demanded a full environmental review of a project at 1515 South Van Ness, mostly on the grounds that the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, which authorizes a ton of development in a wide swath of the city, is way out of date.

By a 9-0 vote, the board said, in effect, that city planners have failed to look at the impacts of all the changes that have happened to the city since that plan was adopted in 2007…

That spells the end of the Eastern Neighborhoods Plan, puts every other developer in the area on notice, and sends a signal to the Planning Department that displacement and gentrification have to be a central concern for all project approvals…

So now we go to Chapter Two: The same people who challenged the 1515 South Van Ness Plan – The Calle 24 Latino Cultural District Community Council – are asking the supes to slow down a project at 2675 Folsom, a couple of blocks away… (more)



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