The SF election: What happened?

By Calvin Welch : 48hills – excerpt

The 2016 election may well be a turning point in our national and local politics. The problem is that it’s unclear what direction the politics will take.

At the national level, at no time in our recent national history have both parties proved to be as inept as was shown in the election. The Democratic Party lost significant portions of its base both by defection and disaffection and didn’t see it coming. The Republican Party lost a significant portion of its established leadership and didn’t see it coming…(more)

Most of us who were involved in this election won some and lost some. We learned a lot about the voters and their interests. The money issues won and the power shifts did not. Money made less of a difference. The ability to sort fact from fiction is becoming a lost art in America. Most feel the elections are won between the campaigns and there is a need to press forward to unite and educate people.


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