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SF SRO’s at Risk

December 7, 2016

by beyondchron – excerpt

Planning Commission to Decide SRO’s Future

On December 8, the San Francisco Planning Commission will hear a case seeking to reverse the city’s 36 year history of protecting single room occupancy hotels (SROs). Six hotels with 214 residential units seek to convert to tourist lodgings using a legal argument that opponents believe violates city law. If the Commission grants the applications and its decision is upheld by the Department of Building Inspection, San Francisco would lose thousands of residential SRO units almost overnight.

We cannot allow this to happen.

The “Replacement Housing” Scam

In 1980, the city enacted the San Francisco Residential Hotel Unit Conversion and Demolition Ordinance (hereafter “the HCO’). San Francisco enacted the HCO after the Planning Department found that 6098 SRO units had been lost from 1975-1979 alone. The Board of Supervisors found “there is a severe shortage of decent, safe, sanitary and affordable rental housing” in San Francisco, and that it most impacts “the elderly, disabled and low-income persons.” Many of these groups “reside in residential hotel units.”…

Mayor Dianne Feinstein and the Board of Supervisors enacted the HCO in 1980 precisely to prevent what applicants are asking this Commission to jumpstart: the wholesale conversion of residential SROs to lucrative tourist lodgings… (more)

This seems like a matter for the Board of Supervisors, not the Planning Department. I would write the Supervisors and the Planning Commissioners to bring this to their attention.




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