Mission Residents Want No Homeless Tents or Soup Kitchen, Ask More from City

By Laura Waxmann : missionlocal – excerpt

Neighbors of the northeastern Mission confronted city leaders on issues of crime and homelessness in their neighborhood on Tuesday.

A group of residents from the northeastern Mission grilled city leaders on Tuesday about their plans for addressing crime and homelessness in the area, which many said were linked and on the rise.

In the wake of a double homicide on Sunday night just blocks away from where the meeting was held, some residents expressed fear that campers are bringing a criminal element to the neighborhood.

“One of the people who was killed was a long-time homeless individual,” said Carl Peterson, citing at least three other killings that occurred in or near homeless encampments in the past year. “A lot of our meetings have been about feces and tents but it’s getting a lot more serious than that when people are dying so much and all in one area.”

Some 40 of them crammed into a studio space above the confection shop Sixth Course near 15th and Mission streets, where they had met for the first time earlier this month to form a community group.

Concerned with rampant drug use and convinced that the Mission had become a “containing zone” for the city’s crime and poverty, others vehemently opposed additional homeless services – such as a proposed soup kitchen at 1930 Mission St. – moving into the area…

Ronen, who will assume office on January 8, agreed with neighbors that crime and the encampments are unacceptable, but that the latter should be addressed with compassion and more resources. Ronen said she demanded that the encampment resolution team continue its work in the Mission at a meeting with Mayor Ed Lee last week.

Calling the issues of housing and and homelessness “my obsession,” the supervisor elect said she plans to create more shelter spaces and to look at “innovative models” to address mental illness and substance abuse, such as wet houses and safe injection sites.

She then challenged the police captain on his role in ensuring that encampments remain at bay… (more)





One thought on “Mission Residents Want No Homeless Tents or Soup Kitchen, Ask More from City

  1. Posted for reader, Melodie:

    Hi Melodie, here are your quotes from last nights meeting.
    It was nice meeting you!

    “50 percent of homeless population has suffered at one point in their life a brain injury prior to becoming homeless. Of that, 75 percent the injury was sustained in early childhood. I have ben in the system of SF since year 2000 and not one moment of any case worker doctor whatever…they want me to go the movie group. The art group. That doesn’t help me learn my multiplication tables in the grocery store with my money

    All of the crime, all of the seniors and these ppl with brain injury,…we are all in the same pit of homelessness. And we are a trage for hate because of those few ppl that are killing ppl that are stealing and breaking into your car and my car. And i am sleeping two feet away from these ppl. That you are not happy about that you dont feel safe around and i don’t feel safe around. I dont need to be homeless if the city would have gotten on the traumatic brain injury decades ago.

    I am their meal ticket, i am the roof over their heads. They get paid whether or not im homeless and whether or not they help me. Im depending on every single person here to hold the govt’s feet to the fire to address teh homeless persons not just for your safety but for the ppl that are just trying to be a good citizen. Every single night when i put my head down the second i fall asleep i am breaking the law. I haven’t busted into your house and stolen nothing from you. Im breaking the law because im a human being and i need to sleep. I beg you to address brain injury. Thats 50 percent of the population you are talking about tonight.”

    – Melodie


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