Mayor cuts homeless prevention money; hundreds at risk

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

The cheapest solution to homelessness is prevention — so why is Ed Lee cutting funding that keeps vulnerable people in their homes?

Eduardo Pubill once shared a beer with Ringo Starr. He’s been a New York theater stagehand, a chef, a merchant seaman, and a cook on board the legendary Jeremiah O’Brien when that liberty ship made its historic 1994 trip to Normandy to commemorate D-Day.

Now 70, blind and mostly deaf, Pubill is facing homelessness –in part because Mayor Ed Lee has cut a $3.1 million program to provide rent subsidies for San Franciscans who are vulnerable to eviction.

The mayor is undermining an incredibly inexpensive way to prevent a problem the city is spending hundreds of millions to solve. With a $400-a-month city subsidy, Pubill could stay in his one-bedroom apartment. If he’s forced out, the city will spend many, many times that much taking care of him.

He’s not alone. The Homeless Emergency Services Providers Association says that 250 people, mostly seniors, disabled people, and vulnerable members of the LGBT community, could stay housed if the mayor would allocate that (already approved) funding… (more)


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