To a season of real sharing

by Aaron Peskin: marinatimes – excerpt

…As I said in the recently released documentary Company Town, my mother taught me that sharing was when the kid at school didn’t have enough lunch money, and I gave him half my sandwich. I didn’t charge him for the sandwich. The trope of the “sharing economy” is fundamentally nonsense, and it’s time we called it what it has become: an economy where corporations generate billions of dollars in profit through financial transactions, be it from home sharing or car sharing…

A few setbacks notwithstanding, the good news is that the unprecedented and unlikely coalition of tenants and landlords, hotel managers and hotel workers, and public safety and neighborhood leaders remains committed to pushing for reforms. And we should all wonder how we are supposed to take Airbnb’s offers of “working together” seriously with their Hail Mary lawsuit still dangling over our heads…

As the newly elected chair of the San Francisco County Transportation Authority, I’ve called on our state legislators to step up and protect the safety of San Franciscans. As District 3 supervisor, I’ll be introducing a package of local enforcement legislation to appropriately rein in Uber because … well, someone’s gotta be at the wheel!…


As we head into 2017, I have a message for these bad corporate citizens: Knock it off. You’re not sharing. You’re not innovating. You’re just making a lot of people angry. And while San Francisco is well known for its hospitality and tolerance, I think you’ve just worn out your welcome… (more)

Thank you Aaron for so succinctly voicing what many SF residents have been thinking for some time, that there are limits to allowing disruptive corporations to take over and manipulate our city. We have seen the worst side of this and it is not pretty.

While you are at the wheel we must call on you and the other Supervisors to take matters in hand and set limits on spending on street projects that are creating gridlock and planned confusion on our streets. All of the constant changes make getting home safely with your bag of groceries more of a challenge than it should be.

As you know an extremely controversial $360 million dollar plus street project is coming you way for approval this week. We hope that the Board will agree to postpone a decision to allow everyone returning from a much-needed break, time to digest the 1000 page plus EIR review and amendments on the Geary BRT this week. Please Postpone it for at least 30 days.

We are sure that most of you can think of much better ways to spend $360 million dollars than to disrupt Geary street for years and infuriate more people.


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