The Agenda, Jan 2-9, 2018: Reforming the Democratic Party, organizing against Trump

Let me guess: You probably don’t know who represents you in the California Democratic Party. I’m not talking about our state Assembly or Senate members; they represent us in the Legislature. But every two years, we also elect a slate of delegates who go to the party convention.

It’s a far more low-profile election than the local Democratic County Central Committee; it’s not on a regular ballot. You choose these folks – seven men and seven women for each Assembly district – by showing up this Sunday, getting in line, and voting. You have to be a registered Democrat (although you can register on the spot)… (more )

If you can make it to vote on Sunday, the link above has all the details and information on where and why.

There is also a District 19 slate for people who live on the west side of the city. That information is here:  If you go consider adding Daniel Kappler to the reform list he did not make it on the slate, but he works on our issues and would be a good delegate.

Thanks for your support.




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