Democracy in action — or not

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

The mess that was the voting for California Democratic Party delegates

I ran into Assemblymember David Chiu Sunday morning, outside the union hall where delegates to the state Democratic Party were being chosen. “Welcome,” he said, “to the exercise in democracy.”

You could call it that. Or maybe not…

Chiu’s folks had slate cards supporting his choices, who included some startling selections who can’t by any stretch be seen as anything other than supporters of the corporate Democrat model that lost the nation to Donald Trump.

Supporters of a Reform Slate were there, too, handing out cards…

Nobody checked to see if the people voting were actually registered Democrats. Nobody checked to see if the person signing in was actually the person voting.

That, Hene Kelly, who ran the vote in D19, told me that was the way it was supposed to be: “The Democratic Party changed the rules in response to the voter suppression in the South,” she said. “We decided we are going to trust people.”…

In the end, after hours of hand counting, the results were split in D17: The reformers won eight seats, the corporate Dems 6. In D19, all of the reformers won, but there were only 8 on that slate; six people from Assemblymember Phil Ting’s slate also won, but some of them were endorsed by some of the reformers… (more)



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