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Central SOMA General Plan Amendment Presentations at Planning Commission this week

January 23, 2017

The future of central Soma will be up for discussion Thursday/26 when the Planning Commission holds a hearing on the draft environmental impact report for the Central Soma Plan. The plan is mostly about allowing more office development in the area roughly bounded by Second Street, Sixth Street, Townsend, and Folsom.

Expect a huge turnout and a lot of comments and challenges to the DIER…

These area plans create a situation where it’s no longer possible to challenge a single project’s environmental impacts. And they project out impacts for a future that we don’t have a clue about.

The Eastern Neighborhoods Plan was written and approved before there was the Twitter Tax Break, when there were no Google Buses, when Uber and Lyft didn’t exist. And now the Planning Department says that new projects in that area that threaten existing vulnerable communities can’t be challenged… (more)

I have a problem with changes to the General Plan now that we know the City Authorities will use the General Plan to trump any CEQA challenges no matter how valid, such as, the data they are basing their studies on is old, invalid data. No General Plan alterations should go through unless they are thoroughly vetted by a wide range of the public. This is a serious challenge to public controls of their neighborhoods and cities.

How much damage can they do that hasn’t already been done?

How about changing the one way streets to two-way to start with. Removing more traffic lanes and inserting a plant medium strip down Folsom? We have seen copies of the plan. The future does not look bright.

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