An Opportunity to Capitalize on a Bernal Heights Blaze

socketsite – excerpt

The fire that consumed the former Cole Hardware at 3312 Mission Street and badly damaged the adjacent buildings – including the Graywood Hotel at 3308 Mission, a single-room-occupancy (SRO) hotel with 28 rooms – left 58 people homeless and the 3300 Club on the corner out of business.

While the former tenants of the Graywood technically have a right to return, unlike the operators of the 3300 Club or El Taco Loco, the hotel has since been gutted… (more)

Many comments on this one…

“The City must buy this building! It must have a non-profit owner or operator to ensure full-right of return for the displaced fire victims. This building is not a “cash cow” as described by the realtor. It’s a valuable anchor for working families and single adults. Is it any wonder we see so many more people experiencing homelessness on our streets when San Francisco has allowed the market to plunder 11,000 rooms from our SRO housing stock?”… Gabriel Medina


Fire-Torn SRO Gutted and Up for Sale, 3300 Club Ousted

By Laura Wenus and Laura Waxmann : missionlocal – excerpt

The owner of the Graywood Hotel, a single-room occupancy hotel damaged by a June 2016 blaze that displaced more than 50 people, has put the building up for sale amidst extensive renovations. The commercial leases in the building are now terminated, while advocates for the residential tenants are working to ensure they exercise their right to return.

“We just don’t have the bandwidth to put it back together,” said Dipak Patel, who owns the property at 3300-3308 Mission Street near 29th Street. Patel purchased the building in 2004 some for some $1.5 million, and is now asking $3.5 million…

The building is currently without a roof, and the interior is has been gutted to the studs. Patel said that the building’s water damage has been “cleaned up,” and that some of the building’s layout has been changed, but “the envelope of the building will be there,” he said…

Concerns over the state of the building, Patel said, led him to offer a month-to-month lease to the owners of the 3300 Club, a bar that has operated in the building for 60 years. In the end, those negotiations fell through, and the bar’s lease was terminated. A taqueria that was in the building prior to the fire had already moved on.

“Our hope was to come back into that location because we had been there for 60 years,” said Theresa Keane, whose family owns the 3300 Club, upon learning that the lease would not be renewed and that she would need to find a new location to reopen. “The fact that nothing has been done to that building, they gutted the inside, but the fact they haven’t done anything made me think they weren’t trying to rebuild.”

Keane said she will likely look for another location to reopen. In the meantime, she said, her bartenders have found shifts elsewhere and her “customers are still wandering around, a bit lost.”

Keane’s father opened the family business in 1956, and it operated year-round, closing only on election days and for her father’s funeral.

“My entire life, that’s been what our family has done,” she said. Still, she sympathizes more with her displaced neighbors. “We lost a business, that sucks, they lost their homes.”… (more)


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