There’s something about Carmen

By Joel P. Engardio : sfexaminer – excerpt

Shrugs abound when asking people on the street what they know about the Office of Assessor-Recorder at City Hall. Someone joked the title is obscure enough for its occupant to be the “Designated Survivor” of local government — like Kiefer Sutherland on the hit TV show.
Yet Carmen Chu is poised to become the assessor-recorder everyone knows and celebrates
Chu’s fiscal acumen will help us survive President Donald Trump’s retribution if he withholds a billion dollars in federal funding because San Francisco defied his executive order against sanctuary cities.
Charged with valuing San Francisco’s 208,496 properties, Chu’s office generates more than $2.6 billion in annual property tax revenue for city services. She collected $274 million in transfer taxes alone last year, which can pay for a lot of what Trump threatens to take away.
“I am committed to protecting the rights of our immigrant families, women, LGBT communities and the 90,000 San Franciscans who receive Obamacare,” Chu said. “The City is already estimating a $400 million deficit over the next two years, which doesn’t include what we might lose from a Trump administration. This means every penny counts.”…
It would be easier for San Francisco to defy Trump, stay true to our values and endure a loss of federal dollars if we weren’t also facing a deficit of our own making.
We could have used recent boom years to save more money and shrink City Hall through innovation and efficiency. Instead, we let The City’s budget double the past decade to $9.6 billion, we increased the number of city employees to 30,000 (one for every 28 residents) and we didn’t adequately plan for unfunded healthcare liabilities that are ballooning out of control.
Now, we will be forced to cut the budget. But Chu is doing everything in her power to hold the largest taxpayers accountable so those cuts aren’t as painful…
Let’s hope San Francisco benefits a long time from Chu’s wisdom to diagnose a problem, her determination to solve it and her competence to achieve results.…  (more)

There is a saying that a good manager is invisible. That may be a good sign that Carmen is doing a great job of running her department. No word of discord or dissent. No complaints that we know of. She must be doing something right. She is one of the easier people to work with in City Hall. Our thanks to Carmen. Keep up the good work.


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