Who’s Auditing Mayor’s Hiring Binge?

By Patrick Monette-Shaw : stoplhhdownsize – excerpt

5,090 and Counting”: Bloat Under Ed Lee

Details on New Hires:
New Hires FY 2010–2011 to FY 2015–2016 — by Department 
New Hires FY 2010–2011 to FY 2015–2016 — % Mix of New Hires


Piling On of City Employees

In August 2016, San Francisco Chronicle reporter Heather Knight reported the City had 30,626 workers, which she likely meant were “full-time equivalents” or FTE’s (multiple pat-time employees lumped together to equal a 1.0 FTE).

Almost at the same time Knight reported that, City Controller Ben Rosenfield’s office confirmed on August 29 that since Mayor Ed Lee took office in the middle of Fiscal Year 2010–2011 in January 2011, there had been an increase of 4,794 FTE’s on the City’s payroll as of the Fiscal year ending on June 30, 2016 since Lee took office.

Six days earlier on August 23, the Controller’s Office released the Controller’s payroll database ending on June 30, 2016, which showed there was a whopping 40,379 full- and part-time employees at the end of June 2016.  The 10,000 difference between full- and part-time versus FTE’s was attributable to rolling up all those part-time employees into FTE equivalency.

Fast forward to December 14, 2016 when the Mayor’s own presentation showed the City had added 5,090 FTE’s during his tenure; the San Francisco Examiner also reported on December 14 the same 5,090 FTE increase.  That’s a significant jump in FTE’s from the 4,794 FTE’s the Controller had reported just a little over three months earlier…(more)

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Monette-Shaw is a columnist for San Francisco’s Westside Observer newspaper, and a retired San Francisco City employee.  He received a James Madison Freedom of Information Award in the “Advocacy” category from the Society of Professional Journalists–Northern California Chapter in 2012.  He’s a member of the California First Amendment Coalition (FAC) and the ACLU.  He can be contacted at monette-shaw@westsideobserver.com.



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