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Homeless Perpetual Funding Machine

February 16, 2017


San Francisco spends $241 million on homeless services, according to a February 5, 2016 Chronicle article.  Part of this funding goes to 76 private organizations to deal with the homeless, in effect a job-making vehicle.  Or one could characterize it as a bureaucratic nightmare.

This vast amount of money, some $30,000 each, is spent for an estimated 8,000 homeless souls.  Yet, homelessness is getting worse.  Then there is the $20 million of the Police budget that goes to moving homeless people from one area of the city to another.  That adds $2,500 to each homeless person.

A McDonalds fast food worker makes between $16,000 and $20,000 a year.  If those workers can survive on less, why not just pay each homeless individual $32,625 and see if that would cure the problem?

…Denise D’Anne

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