Homeless people have found safety in a library – but locals want them gone

by theguardian – excerpt

San Francisco branch considers defensive architecture to make it a harder place to spend time as people seek shelter in libraries across the western US

The architect presented the landscaping plans for the library at a meeting in December. “It’s really going to be a defensive type of landscape,” she said to community members gathered at the library in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood.

She enumerated the features that would make the outside of the library a harder place to spend time: railings on walls to prevent sitting, undulating rock formations to prevent encampments, benches with armrests to prevent people from lying down.

A local resident, addressing the room, said tough measures were crucial, complaining that the library is the “destination of choice for the transients that are causing so much trouble in our neighborhood”…(more)

More proof that San Francisco has lost its heart. We know that many elerdl and physically challenged homeless people are evicted out of SROs and other affordable housing facilities to make room for the new luxury housing units being built for the future homes for future citizens. We also know that the steady stream of immigrants is being closed off, including the wealthy ones who have been a part of this made rush to build. Where is the need to  punish people who have already been punished by the system?

See links below an alternative program being put in place in Berkeley. :

Berkeley moves forward on building micro-units for the homeless

Where others cities will not venture, Berkeley dares to go. That’s how city councilman Ben Bartlett views City Council’s unanimous vote Tuesday night to move ahead and explore the possibility of building tiny housing units aimed at the homeless and those on very low incomes…

San Francisco recently rejected Panoramic Interests’ micro-unit proposal. The fact the units are made overseas, in China, and not by U.S. unionized labor, was a deal breaker. The city also said there were already too many demands being made on scarce public property… (more )

Some times it may be necessary to check your political correctness at the door. This could be one of those times. Are you listening San Francisco?


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