Energy-saving PG&E customers will pay more, starting this week

By David R. Baker : sfgate – excerpt

Pacific Gas and Electric Co.’s electricity rates are about to undergo a fundamental change, and many Bay Area residents may not like the result.

Starting Wednesday, PG&E will base the amount it charges for electricity on two tiers of usage, instead of the current system of three. At the same time, the price for electricity in the least-expensive tier will rise.

This means that households using large amounts of electricity, many in California’s hot inland valleys, will see their monthly bills drop. PG&E customers with low electricity usage, often clustered on the temperate coast where air-conditioning is not needed, will see their bills go up.

California has long pushed its citizens to use less energy, as part of the fight against climate change. Electricity rates have been based on the premise that people who use more should pay higher prices, forcing them to conserve. The tier changes that take effect this week would seem to contradict that notion… (more)

It’s Lucy with the football again. “We told you to save but now you are saving too much and we have to charge you for saving.”

Come to think of it, that is the kind of logic Park and Rec and SFMTA use. They must have gone to the same school of screwball management.


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