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This Startup Is Quietly Packing S.F.’s Empty Luxury Rentals with Millennials

March 31, 2017

By Dan Raile : modernluxury – excerpt

What does a developer do when its luxury housing sits empty? Partner with a shadowy startup to divvy it up and stock it with millennials.

At the heart of many of the Bay Area’s tech megacorporations is a simple quid pro quo: In return for free media, professional connections, or cheap rides, you surrender privacy. Now, inevitably, that arrangement has moved into the realm of housing, with a hush-hush startup asking tenants to sacrifice privacy in return for a discount spot inside a gleaming new luxury tower.

Say you’re young and new to town. Forget settling down in an illegal Craigslist in-law or behind a curtain in a Richmond district living room as your young, striving forebears once did. For about $1,300 a month, you can now be safely housed within 40 stories of concave blue-glass facade at 340 Fremont Street. Or, if you prefer a grittier vibe, you can put down roots at Potrero 1010, where you can see (and hear) the traffic on I-280 rattle away beneath your window… (more)

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