Millennials Plan on Fleeing the Bay Area, Apparently

Nuala Sawyer : sfweekly  – excerpt

A new study states that almost 50 percent of young people are itching to escape our seasonless mecca of liberalism.

Living in the booming Bay Area requires a fair amount of hustle, luck, and resilience. While it’s possible to secure that rent-controlled apartment, find a well-paying job and forgo a car-dependent lifestyle, it’s usually an uphill battle. But now a new report states that the struggle is just too real for many of our millennial residents. Forty-six percent of 18 to 39-year-olds interviewed earlier this year voiced an interest in leaving the Bay Area.

The data comes after the Bay Area Council, a public-policy advocacy organization, interviewed 1,000 registered voters from around the Bay Area on issues of economic growth, housing, transportation, drought, education, and workforce. Of the millennials polled, 65 percent listed the cost of living as a major reason for wanting to move.
Out of the nine counties that make up the Bay Area, Santa Clara had the highest number of residents thinking about throwing in the towel: 47 percent. And in an unsurprising trend, renters surpassed homeowners in a desire to bounce: 50 percent of leasers wanted to leave, while only 31 percent of homeowners considered a move elsewhere… (more)

After they tire of living on top of each other and want a home they can call theirs, millennials will move out of the minuscule units and landlords we will have to find something else to do with them. Perhaps they can be reformatted into livable homes at some point. Maybe the landlords will have saved enough to remodel.


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