‘Appropriation At Its Worst’: Supervisor Slams ‘Bayview Is The New Mission’ Ads

By Meaghan M. Mitchell : hoodline – excerpt (includes video)

When it debuted last October, the new Waterbend Apartments (5880 3rd St.) became the first luxury apartment building in Bayview, with units starting at $2,800 per month.


Residents in the new condos popping up on 16th Street will soon be subjected to a major street overhaul that will make life in this fast lane less than lovely. Photo by zrants

Now, the neighborhood’s supervisor has put the luxury complex on blast for an advertising campaign that describes Bayview “as the next Mission.”

In a viral Facebook post, District 10 Supervisor Malia Cohen called out the ads as an example of cultural insensitivity..

Cohen also expressed outrage with a cable TV commercial for Waterbend, which shows upwardly mobile young people “creating [their] culture,” and encourages them to “find the next big thing before anyone else.”…(more)

Thanks Malia for showing some righteous outrage. We get that the supervisors have no choice. They must object to obvious intentions to gentrify the neighborhoods, regardless of who makes them. Ad agencies and their clients should know better than to admit they are gentrifying the neighborhoods. Those selling points should be limited to closing comments of the sale if needed.

Most developers realize how hard it is for politicians to support gentrification and use more crafty language to get their projects approved. You want to include “family housing” in the mix . A gym and coffee shop are ok, but if you really want approval, add “childcare” in the mix and a few electric vehicle power stations. Don’t forget to add affordable units so you can have height limits lifted. No size limitation so just make them small to fit more in.


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