Why is Scott Wiener trying to undermine affordable housing in SF?

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Amendments to state bill could make it harder for the city to demand reasonable affordability levels from developers.

The San Francisco supes approved new rules for affordable housing…

But when it came to the Senate, Wiener insisted on amendments that could have – and still might – dramatically reduce the amount of affordable housing that the city can require.

The state has a rule that allows a developer to get a “density bonus” – that is, the right to build more housing than existing zoning allows on a site – in exchange for adding a very small amount of affordable housing.

Ting’s AB 915 would allow San Francisco to apply its own, higher, affordable housing requirements to all new units, including units only allowed under the state density bonus law…

Without this bill, the percentage of affordable housing that the city will require developers to build could drop from the compromise level – 18 percent, rising to 22 percent by 2019 – to just 13 percent. That’s a lot of lost affordable housing.

So: All was going along fine, and the two sides on the Board of Supes were all on board, and so was the mayor.

Then Wiener got involved…

Wiener is using state law to make it harder for San Francisco to mandate affordable housing. It’s pretty stunning.

The reality is that what developers tend to want, more than anything, is market stability – they want to know what the rules are. And if the state is in a position to change those rules once a year, it’s going to be a mess…(more)

See details on the bills and actions you can take here:  Taken actions



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