Legislation would undermine city and county control

Opinion By Lily Mei and Don Tatzin : mercuynews – excerpt

‘We endorse policies that help BART support rather than co-opt local efforts to develop housing’

We face a housing shortage. Prices are too high, areas that create jobs offer insufficient housing, and commutes are too long. We, our families and our residents feel the stress, and we are concerned about our residents’ quality of life.

Assembly Bill 2923 purports to address the housing problem by giving BART total zoning control over BART-owned land in Alameda, Contra Costa and San Francisco counties. BART could override local city or county zoning and adopt its own zoning standards — standards that increase densities and heights for residential development. Additional land BART acquires would be zoned following BART’s rules. Parking might not be replaced.

As written, AB2923 has numerous flaws:… (more)

What can you do? Legislators throughout the state need to hear from residents and businesses regarding this bill. Silence implies consent.

The bill should be defeated as written. We endorse policies that help BART support rather than co-opt local efforts to develop housing. Cities and counties already build housing close to BART. BART does not have a better “track” record than they do.

Lily Mei is mayor of Fremont. Don Tatzin is mayor of Lafayette. Other signatories include Supervisor Scott Haggerty, Alameda County; Supervisor Karen Mitchoff, Contra Costa County; Mayor Peggy McQuaid, Albany; Mayor Edi Birsan, Concord; Mayor Newell Arnerich, Danville; Mayor David Haubert, Dublin; Mayor Barbara Halliday, Hayward; Mayor John Marchand, Livermore; Mayor Tom Butt, Richmond; Mayor Sean Wright, Antioch; Councilman Salvatore Evola, Pittsburg; Councilman Michael Harris, Pleasant Hill; Councilman Philip O’Loane, San Ramon; Councilwoman Cindy Silva, Walnut Creek… (more)

Please read the article and if you agree with these city officials that this legislation is a bad idea, take action to oppose this legislation by emailing and calling the Senate Appropriations committee and your state representative.  Actions you can take to stop the bill: https://discoveryink.wordpress.com/ca-bills/ca-bills-2018/oppose-ab-2923/


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