S.F. Moves to Enact Wiener’s Conservatorship Bill

By Nuaala Sawyer : sfweekly – excerpt

Homeless tents in the Mission by zrants

A controversial mental-health bill that entered the State Senate earlier this year may have found its home in San Francisco. SB 1045, authored by Senator Scott Wiener, would grant authorities the right to take away someone’s rights if they are frequent users of the city’s hospital, jail, and psychiatric wards.

Supervisor Rafael Mandelman introduced a local bill nearly identical to Wiener’s at a Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday. Under the legislation, a person would meet the new conservatorship criteria if they are homeless and are a high utilizer of emergency departments, have a history of frequent incarceration due to behavior resulting from severe mental illness or a substance-abuse disorder, or a history of 5150 holds…

But despite the support of many politicians, the bill has failed to win the support of many of the aforementioned “stakeholders,” including independent health centers and homelessness organizations in S.F. Some adamantly oppose it… (more)

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