Chico Mayor opposes Butte County housing shortage bill, Assemblyman responds

actionewsnow – excerpt (includes video)

Assemblyman James Gallagher says Chico can be excluded from the Camp Fire housing shortage bill if the Mayor does not approve of it.

CHICO, Calif. – As Butte County struggles to address housing shortages after the Camp Fire, Chico Mayor Randall Stone is opposing legislation from Assemblyman James Gallagher to address that shortage. And the Assemblyman is responding.

On Monday, Gallagher introduced Assembly Bill 430, aimed at streamlining the environmental review process for some housing in Butte County.The goal is to expediting housing projects. Assemblyman Gallagher recently met with building industry stakeholders to review various solutions.

Also on Monday, Chico Mayor Randall Stone submitted a letter to the State Assembly, opposing the bill in its current form. Mayor Stone said the Chico City Council has not yet reviewed the bill’s language, which he says will impact land use in the city of Chico. Mayor Stone said the council has not yet taken a position, saying Assembly Bill 430 is an overreach, that could impact smart, yet efficient growth.

Last Monday evening, Assemblyman Gallagher’s office fired back in a press release…(more)

More local leaders are responding to Wiener bills SB50 by requesting exceptions. It would be easier to kill the bill than go through the process of exceptions. Let’s see if they (our smart Sacramento reps) can figure that out and do the right thing. Give that year’s batch of laws time to work their wonder on the housing crisis before piling more on.

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