16th Street neighbors fear red bus lanes drive gentrification

By Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Does the 22-Fillmore serve the Mission’s Latino community?

That’s a question neighbors along 16th Street are asking as the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency moves forward with plans for “red-carpet” bus lanes on 16th Street, a $67.5 million project set to be completed by 2021.

Much as in a previous controversy over bus lanes on Mission Street, neighbors say they fear the transit-only lane will increase gentrification and the loss of local businesses… (more)

The question is not does the 22 Fillmore serve the Mission Latino community. The question is do the residents and businesses in the Mission district need or want to endure the months of agonizing construction that has killed numerous businesses on every street the SFMTA has “improved.” Do they want trees removed, bus stops moved and removed, bulbouts and lane reductions on a narrow street burdened by buses, shuttles and traffic moving from the Bay to the west side of the city across two freeways. Red lanes are not the only changes the residents object to on the 16th Street improvement project.

The downtown Safeway just announced it is closing and supermarkets are turning down offers to move into the crowded SOMA neighborhoods for a very good reason. They rely on easy access and parking for semi delivery trucks. The Mission and surrounding neighborhoods depend on the 16th Street Safeway and do not want to risk losing it by altering the surrounding streets and access to the parking lots. Some consideration needs to be made into the demise of supermarkets and other food suppliers in the city. Most rely on large semis to deliver food, and that requires easy access and parking for large trucks. We have that at the 16th Street Safeway and would like to preserve it.

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