Big project at Divis and Oak could be issue in D5 supe race

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Challenger Preston says luxury housing development needs more affordability and transit funding; where will incumbent Brown stand?

The SF Planning Commission meets Thursday/23 to consider a project on Divisadero and Oak that could become an issue in the heated District Five supervisorial race.

The plan calls for the demolition of a gas station, car wash, and an existing residential building as well as the relocation of another residential building – and the construction of 184 new residential units as well as ground-floor commercial space and 56 parking spaces. The proposal by Genesis Development would include 37 affordable units – the statutory minimum.

It also raises all of the key issues around housing policy that have divided progressives and pro-market “moderates:” How much affordable housing is enough? Should growth pay for growth? Does more luxury housing do anything to address the housing crisis? And if a developer won’t cover the costs of its transit impacts and offers less affordable housing than the city needs, should the city demand more?…

I suspect that we will see the mayoral appointees to the Planning Commission supporting this project, which has its roots in the zoning changes Breed pushed as a supe. If it’s appealed to the board, Brown will have to vote on it.
And with Preston opposing the project and raising a long list of issues – including an Affordable Divis argument that all new housing in the area should be 50 percent affordable – this could be a key debate in the D5 race… (more)

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