MIT researcher takes on 48hills — or maybe not

By tim redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Despite the Yimby narrative, we agree the evidence shows that upzoning in Chicago led to speculation and higher housing costs.

Yonah Freemark, the MIT grad student who wrote a groundbreaking study on the impacts of upzoning in Chicago, is now saying that his work has been misinterpreted – including by me.

In a piece on The Frisc, he argues that his study is just one example, that it’s not conclusive of what will happen elsewhere, and that ithas nothing to do with the possible impacts of SB50:

To wit, in response to my study, San Francisco activist and Noe Neighborhood Council cofounder Ozzie Rohm said that “dense urban areas make [affordability] matters worse.” Tim Redmond, writing for 48 Hills, contended that “the YIMBY narrative — that higher density in U.S. cities will bring down housing prices — doesn’t work in real life.”… (more)

A number of articles have been floating around on the Chicago zoning process. We will try to find some to post, or just looks them up.

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