Haney moves to save Mezzanine — and Soma nightlife

By Jeantelle Laberinto : 48hills – excerpt

Proposal would make it harder to turn venues into tech office space.

Supervisor Matt Haney announced Thursday that he will introduce a resolution that would give an added layer of protection to nightlife and entertainment venues in Soma.

If passed, this measure would provide interim zoning controls in Western Soma for 18 months to ensure that entertainment venues are not converted to other uses without going in front of the Planning Commission, and if needed, at the full Board of Supervisors…(more)

Déjà vu Culture Clash all over again. If you don’t fix past mistakes you will never outlive them. It’s another round of emergency 18 month resolutions to freeze the moment in time. If the 18 month reprieve goes through, we have 18 months to pass some new longer term fix to protect the venues. If you were here for the Prop X campaign, you may want to review the history of that ballot initiative that is meant to protect PDR space in some limited way in a few distinct parts of San Francisco.

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