Oppose AB1487: Creates a Regional Finance Authority; MTC is Governing Board

By Susan Kirsch : marinpost – excerpt


AB 1487 (Chiu) will create a nine-county SF Bay Area Regional Finance Authority, with authority to impose, collect, and distribute tax dollars for housing. AB1487 will reduce local authority and transfer it to this new agency governed by MTC. It has a big price tag (regional taxation) and little benefit to Marin and other small communities and counties without giant tech companies. Some specific shortcomings of the bill are listed in my letter below. It is one of many poor policy housing bills and there’s still time to kill the bill

Use this link to find the tab “Submit Position Letter” https://sgf.senate.ca.gov/. Be sure to sign it…

We have a housing problem, but the crisis is abandoning democratic principles of locally-elected officials representing constituents… (more)

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