Fewer’s racial-equity plan could change the way SF makes policy

By Tim Redmond :48hills – excerpt

A new office would analyze legislation through a lens that has been missing from city policy — and could lead to some dramatic changes in the political discussion.

The Government Audit and Oversight Committee will hold a special hearing Thursday/11 to consider an ordinance by Sup. Sandra Lee Fewer that could have profound impacts on a wide range of city policies, from law enforcement and education to public health, land use and housing.

The measure would create an Office of Racial Equity, with the authority to review legislation and report on how it would impact communities of color in the city.

The office, for example, could analyze proposals for the development of market-rate housing or area plans like the Central Soma Plan in the context of the potential displacement of existing vulnerable communities. It could examine how the city’s policies on homelessness and affordable housing break down along racial lines…

The office would operate under the Human Rights Commission, and Fewer – as Budget Committee chair – has already made sure it has funding for three staffers this year. “The idea is to look at how what we do affects people of color,” she said…
The measure already has seven sponsors, including Sups. Vallie Brown, Shamann Walton, Rafael Mandelman, Hillary Ronen, Gordon Mar, and Ahsha Safai, and I suspect it will pass unanimously. Fewer said the mayor supports it…(more)

Thursday, July 11, 3pm
Hall Room 263 City Hall Government Audit and Oversight Committee
Special Hearing on measure to create an Office of Racial Equity
Sponsored by Sandra Fewer, supported by 7 Supervisors

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