More Jurisdictions Submitting Annual Housing Progress Reports But Almost All Falling Far Short of Goals

Press Release : HCD – excerpt

SACRAMENTO – A record 86 percent of California’s cities and counties have submitted state-mandated annual progress reports on housing for 2018, according to the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). But the vast majority are not building enough housing to meet their planning targets.

Due each April, the annual progress reports reflect back on the previous year’s data to show how well jurisdictions are performing in meeting the housing needs within their communities. With the passage of Senate Bill 35 in 2017, cities and counties that don’t turn in annual progress reports are automatically required to provide a streamlined approval process for new housing developments.

“We’re pleased that nearly 90 percent of cities and counties have turned in reports, up from 50 percent just a few years ago,” Said HCD Director Ben Metcalf. “But the numbers show only 16 of California’s 539 jurisdictions, or three percent, are on pace to build enough housing at all income levels to meet their planning targets. And when it comes to lower-income housing, only 29, or about five percent, are meeting their goals.”

Using figures from the annual progress reports, HCD released an updated list showing which California cities and counties are subject to streamlined housing approvals for certain housing projects under Senate Bill 35.

HCD offers an online interactive map that allows users to quickly view detailed data for each jurisdiction, including whether or not the city or county:

  • Has an HCD-approved housing plan (“housing element”);
  • Is subject to streamlined housing approvals; and
  • Has been submitting its annual progress reports.

The map also shows the number of housing permits issued to build homes affordable to people in each income category and how those permits stack up against the city/county’s housing need.

The following updated documents are available on HCD’s website:…(more)

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