What happens if Wiener gets challenged from both the right and the left?

By Ted Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Quentin Kopp could take votes from the West Side; a progressive could take votes from the East Side.

The idea that former state Sen. Quentin Kopp is planning to challenge incumbent Scott Wiener sets up some fascinating political possibilities.

I talked to Kopp, who is also a retired judge, this week and he told me he is completely serious. At 91, he’s ready to run another major campaign. “And people are already calling me up saying they want to donate money,” he said… (more)

Wiener is fast losing support among his constituents, who are weary of fighting to retain their rear yards, open space, parking, and views. You may claim no one has a right to a view, parking, or a pleasant quiet lifestyle, but removing them does not make you a popular politician. Forcing dense noisy, dirty development projects on people who bought quiet, clean, green, semi-secluded homes in a quiet, semi-suburban neighborhood does not make you popular. Change is not good when you object to it, as some politicians may soon discover.

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