Excelsior residents oppose new luxury housing project

By Jeantelle Laberinto : 48hills – excerpt

Critics say Ocean Ave project has too little affordable housing and not enough room for working-class families.

On Sunday afternoon, Excelsior residents and community-based organizations gathered to march, drum, chant, perform, and express their collective anger and distress over the rise of luxury development that has started to seize the largely immigrant and working-class neighborhood of the Excelsior.

The development site in question is at 65 Ocean Avenue, which was formerly home to Crayon Box Preschool and Little Bear Preschool. The site is located down the block from Balboa Park and is spearheaded by Presidio Bay Ventures, a real estate investment and development firm. Of the 193 units included in this development, 75 percent will be priced at market rate and 25 percent will be offered below market…(more)

Add the Excelsior to the list of neighborhoods being trashed by zealots. Residents from the Mission to Laurel Heights are fighting what they perceive as bad plans for their neighborhood. The city is on fire and the natives are ready to put the fire out. The list of organizations here is an indication of more unity to come. From noise and constant traffic jams to rising concerns about the lack of fire protection and threats of power shutdowns, the natives are stressed and restless. Opposition to the constant state of construction does not follow party lines. Everyone wants a break. Some people feel the best solution is to stop building office space. There may be a Charter Amendment in the works that would do just that. Hang on. It is going to be a bumpy ride.

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