Podcast: The strange politics behind California’s rent cap bill

By Matt Levin : calmatters – excerpt (includes gimme shelter podcast)

Late last week, Democratic leaders including Gov. Gavin Newsom announced they had reached a deal on a bill that would limit how much a California landlord can raise the rent.

AB 1482 by Assemblyman David Chiu, Democrat from San Francisco, would cap annual rent increases at 5% plus inflation. The bill would also require landlords to list a “just cause” before evicting a tenant, extending renter protections to millions of California households.

To the surprise of many, the California Apartment Association, the primary advocacy group for landlords in the Capitol, announced they would no longer be opposing the bill shortly after Newsom announced the deal.

On “Gimme Shelter, the California Housing Crisis Podcast,” Chiu said concessions that exempt new housing construction and clarify new rules for evicting tenants were key to convincing the powerful landlord lobby to back off(more)

Will the new “affordable housing” being built at taxpayer expense be exempt from rent caps or are they exempt as well?

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