Planning Commission supports Haney’s housing measure

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt (includes video link)

Plan to raise fees on office developers gets unanimous vote — but the Mayor’s Office is still opposing it…


What will it take to bring a jobs housing balance to San Francisco?

Presentation to the Planning Commission’ (Go to the index and click on Item 10 to jump to the presentation on the Jobs Housing Linkage Fee, public comments, and Commissioner comments.

In a remarkable move, the San Francisco Planning Commission voted unanimously Thursday to support a move by Sup. Matt Haney to raise significantly the fees office developers have to pay for affordable housing.

The commission rejected the recommendations of its staff, led by outgoing Director John Rahaim, that the fee be far lower (so low that it would barely make up for the inflation-adjusted level set in 1997)…

Haney told me after the meeting that “it’s a big deal to have the unanimous support of the Planning Commission. This is just good planning and something the city should have done a long time ago.”…(more)

Interesting to note that the unanimous support took place after Commissioner Hillis resigned before the meeting, so he avoided voting on this fee increase.

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