Hearing at Rules Committee Monday December 2nd 10 a.m.

From Supervisor Matt Haney:

Monday, December 1, 10 AM agenda
Room 263, City Hall Rules Committee

Under San Francisco’s eviction protection portion of the Rent Ordinance, a landlord can only evict for one of 16 reasons – called just causes. The landlord cannot perform an eviction for arbitrary reasons, and can only evict with a just cause like nonpayment of rent or illegal use of the unit. It’s a protection that has kept many renters in their homes in San Francisco. However, these eviction controls currently apply only to apartment buildings built before 1979 with two or more units, with some exceptions.

There are thousands of units who are not granted the same protections–simply because they are in a building that was built after 1979. It’s arbitrary and wrong, and we’re going to change it.

Last month, we introduced legislation to expand Just Cause protections to buildings built after 1979. This is estimated to bring an additional 35,000 units under eviction control.

According to the Planning Department, 15% of respondents who are renters reported having been threatened with eviction in the previous 5 years, roughly half of which were for cause and half were no fault. And in the 2017 San Francisco Homeless Count, eviction accounted for 12% of responses. No one should have to live in fear of an arbitrary eviction, and I encourage you to show up on December 2nd at the Rules Committee to show your support for this critical legislation!

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