The racial contours of our housing crisis

By Sasha Perigo : sfexaminer – excerpt

The City has never apologized for redevelopment. Politicians have continued to break promises to the affected residents to this day.

In a limited attempt to remedy the effects of redevelopment, The City designated the Midtown Park Apartments in the Western Addition as relocation housing for victims of redevelopment. The City granted Midtown residents a rent-to-own lease. After they paid off their collective mortgage, the tenants would gain cooperative ownership over the building.

But after residents paid off their mortgage in 2007, The City rescinded its promise. It sold the building to Mercy Housing in 2013, who issued unlawful rent increases averaging 102 percent. The City began to pursue plans with Mercy Housing to demolish the entire building, displacing victims of redevelopment yet again…

It’s thanks to the Midtown Tenants Association’s militant advocacy over the past 50 years that the rent increases were rescinded and demolition plans abandoned. Supervisor Dean Preston announced last month that he is drafting legislation to extend rent control to the entire building. Still, Midtown residents do not have ownership of their building.
Despite repeated invitations, the Midtown Tenants Association says that Breed never attended any of their community meetings while she was their city supervisor…

Gentrification in San Francisco is not inevitable. We need to promote policies that not only halt, but reverse it. At the very least, The City needs to apologize for the horrors of redevelopment, provide reparations to those affected, and offer a well-funded right of return for those who have lost their homes…(more)

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