Citing Mohammed Nuru charges, resolution urges San Francisco to flush JCDecaux toilet contract

By Joe Eskenazi : missionlocal – excerpt

Additional allegations charge Nuru’s disdain for ‘Big Belly’ trash cans due to $5.2M trash can contract with Walter Wong-tied company

A resolution introduced Tuesday before the Board of Supervisors calls for the city to nix its longstanding, problematic toilet and kiosk contract with JCDecaux.

Supervisor Aaron Peskin’s resolution cites disgraced ex-Public Works head Mohammed Nuru’s role in formulating the terms of the deal; additionally, it charges, as recently as 2019 Nuru “personally lobbied several members of the Board of Supervisors to ensure” the contract remained with the French multinational JCDecau

The resolution also cites Mission Local’s reporting:

…In the wake of voluminous allegations of fraud on behalf of then-Director Nuru over the course of this time period, additional concerns have surfaced regarding the relationship between Nuru and JC Decaux, including concerns set forth in local news outlet Mission Local that Nuru was “wined and dined” at JC Decaux’s “elegant waterfront farmhouse in the bucolic Parisian suburb of Plaisir…(more)

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