Former Students, Friends, And Family Are Mourning A 36-Year-Old Brooklyn Principal Who Died Of The Coronavirus

By Clarissa-Jan Lim : buzzfeed – excerpt

“My heart is in a million pieces. The tears won’t stop flowing.”

Friends, family, former students, and fellow New York City educators mourned the death of Dezann Romain, a 36-year-old school principal who died due to complications from COVID-19, on Tuesday.

Romain was a principal at Brooklyn Democracy Academy, a transfer school in Brownsville for students over 16 or without sufficient credits who are working toward a high school diploma… (more)

In my opinion, the biggest mistake governments made in communicating with the public about the COVID-19 virus was to create a class concept that is seriously misleading. The virus doesn’t care how old or fit you are. Counting death tolls of different age groups is not helpful when you are trying to get the public to radically change behavior. Just because some age groups may survive at a higher rate than others does not mean life will be normal after recovery or that recovery will be fast and painless.

The messages delivered to the public when the “shelter in place” order was given was faulty and misleading. The government confused people by bringing up “at risk” factors, claiming young people were less at risk of getting sick, that they needed to protect others not themselves. Why was that message ever put out when the truth is that anyone can get sick and die from the virus and recovery will be painful.

So far the government has done a better job of fighting vaping tobacco than it convincing youth people to protect themselves from COVID-19. There is something wrong with the message. Closing parks would not be necessary if the government got their data right and shred it what the public.

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