6 thoughts on “Calendar

  1. Hello:
    Thanks for the great idea – I have signed up and will encourage others interested in saving the City from itself to do likewise.
    My one suggestion would be to change your lovely picture which appears to be Oracle in Redwood Shores, to something much more representative of San Francisco. We have so many beautiful images from which to choose.
    Thanks you.


  2. I think that the issue of the loss of parking needs to be addressed city-wide. I am constantly amazed when I drive that so many parking spaces are lost for no good reason (in my mind). For every space that has been lost (for bicycle lanes, parklets, turnouts, etc) there should be a replacement space. Perhaps look at 90 degree or angle parking throughout the city to compensate for the inexcusable loss of parking in a city that used to be a joy to live in.


    • Street parking spaces are not lost they are stolen. How about building a few transportation hub parking garages near freeway exits so people can easily park and take the Muni, taxi, bike or whatever to their final destination? We can afford billions of dollars for subways, BRTs and bike trails, but parking garages that would actually create parking, are deemed too expensive. see metermadness for more on the subject. And sign our petition to Stop SFMTA.


  3. To whom it may concern; need help on being towed and wrongly ticketed (currently in a hearing)!

    I followed the instructions given in the sfenuf.info project post on Enron tactics used in sfpark program
    on parking “FEES”! I filed a complaint in accordance to the intent of this article which is aimed at
    shutting down this fiasco. I followed the procedures and filled out the complaint form and made my comments and pressed submit to the Attorney Generals office in Sacramento California. To my
    surprise, I was told to never e-mail this material to this office! How can I follow up on this. Apparently
    I need to be affiliated with some group. My wife who is disabled, (Has a handicap placard). Have they been doing this to other people who have filled out this form which was being encouraged for us all
    to submit? Or are they blocking us from addressing this issue? I am appealing to you folks because we are Senior Citizens and my wife is handicapped. What are the procedures that you can suggest.
    Your organization has posted this article to enlist people to protest via state complaint form that is mentioned in this article. Phillip and Pat Posk. Pacifica Ca. 684 Arguello Boulevard, 94044-3301
    Phone: – (650)-359-3022. It is scary how these people operate! Can you please help us in this matter?


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