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Initiatives and Referenda Cleared for Circulation in 2019

(please report any broken links in a comment) Also check for accuracy. We are trying to keep track of the bills but they move really fast with amendments thrown in at the end of the season. Watch for them to return next year.
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SCA 1 Allen, (Wiener), A resolution (requires support of 2/3rd of each house) to propose an amendment to the Constitution of the State, to repealing Article 34 requiring public approval of certain housing projects. Appears to be defeated.

SB 4 Beall, McGuire, Housing – Killed this year.

SB 6, Beall, McGuire, Housing Production – To the Governor

SB 9 Beall (Chiu), Income taxes: low-income housing credits: allocation: sale of credits –  Appears to be held back by Beall

SB 13 Wieckowski, (Beall, Gloria, Skinner, Levine) Accessory dwelling units – Passed and sent to Governor to sign.

SB 15 Portantino, Redevelopment -Property tax revenue allocations: Local-State Sustainable Investment Program. Will probably take from Education funds to fund housingSuspense file.

SB 18 Skinner, Protects Tenants rights, end of their lease or 90 days. Passed and sent to Governor to sign.

SB 25 Caballero, California Environmental Quality Act: funding for qualified opportunity zones – Held up

SB 42 Skinner, The Getting Home Safe Act – Sent to Governor

SB 43 Allen, Carbon Taxes – In committee

SB 47 Allan, Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures – Passed and sent to Governor to sign.

SB 48 Wiener, Homelessness: right to shelter – Held back

SB 49 Skinner, Energy Efficiency – To the Governor

SB 50 Wiener, (Coauthors: Senators Caballero, Hueso, Moorlach, and Skinner)
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Burke, Kalra, Kiley, Low, Robert Rivas, Ting, and Wicks) Planning and zoning: housing development: equitable communities incentive – Held back.

SB 248 Glazer, Increases renter’s tax credit from $120 to $220 and from $60 to $434, subject to the budget act. Held back

SB 268 Wiener, (Gut and amend) the bill that dealt with welfare benefits was turned into a bill that reduces ballot measure transparency. Assembly Elections and Redistricting Committee. Sent to Governor

SB 288 Wiener, (Gut and amend) the Solar Bill of Rights, regarding power grid – turned it into something else by Wiener. Democratic Party Delegates rules. In Committee.

SB 330 Skinner, Housing Crisis Act of 2019, would disallow down-zoning once the up-zoning is applied – Passed and sent to Governor to sign.

SB 460 Bealle, Car Registrations biennial registration proposal aims to make the department more efficient so it can devote more of its energy elsewhere. Suspense

SB 521 Portantino, amends the tax code to provide a landlord with a tax credit equal to 3% of rent payments from a Section 8 tenant. Held back

SB-528 Hueso, Economic Development Bank would convert the California I-Bank — a state revolving fund with a 20 year history — into a true depository bank with a reserve account at the Federal Reserve. Held back

SB-529 Durazo, Tenant associations: eviction for cause: withholding payment of rent: right to organize. Held back

SB 592 Wiener, (Gut and amend) was a Barber licensing bill, turned into the Housing Accountability Act containing parts of former SB 50, in Held back

AB5 Gonzalez, Worker status: employees and independent contractors. To the Governor

AB 36 Bloom, Bonta, Chiu, Costa Hawkins Reform and Rent Control Expansion Held back

AB 62 Fong, State government: Budget Transparency Act of 2019, Fiscal: transparency – In Committee

AB 228 Aguiar-Curry  Amends bill regulating re: sale of Food, beverage, and cosmetic adulterants containing industrial hemp products. Suspense file.

AB 516 Chiu, Eliminates authority to remove vehicles, due to the devastating effect it is having on vehicle dwellers. Suspended this year

AB 857 Chiu, Santiago Public Banks  To the Governor

AB 867 Wood, Credit Card Payment Plans for DMV payments – In Committee

AB 891 Burke, Public property: safe parking program – Governor vetoed it.

AB 1046 Ting, Air Quality Improvement Program: Clean Vehicle Rebate Project. Put in  Suspense in the Senate. Could be a two year bill if enough people support it.

AB 1279 Bloom MINI-SB 50, By right without CEQA or public notice to build 4-plex units in single family neighborhoords in a “high resource” area. In Committee

AB 1481 Bonta Tenancy Termination State Assembly – Ordered to inactive file at the request of Assembly Member Grayson

AB 1482 Chiu, Tenancy: rent caps – Assembly –  Limit rent increases to 7% plus the percentage change in the cost of living cap – unless local ordinance or circumstances are set at lower rates. To the Governor

AB 1487 Chiu, Mullin, Wicks, Wiener, Housing Alliance for SF Bay area for housing development sent to Passed and sent to Governor to sign.