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UPDATES: October 2017: Gov. Brown Signs Acosta Sierra Highway, Search Warrant Bills

SB 1 Beal, Transportation funding. This bill would create the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program to address deferred maintenance on the state highway system and local roads. Estimated $6 billion annually. (similar to AB 1) Referred to Appropriations Committee. The Governor wants to ram this one through today, calling it a pothole tax. This does not look like a pothole tax. Today’s Version of the bill- Passed by a single Republican vote.

SB2 Atkins, Building Homes and Jobs Act will establish a permanent source of funding for affordable housing through a $75 fee on real estate document filings. re-refer to the Committee on Appropriations

SB 3: Beall, Affordable Housing Bond Act will place a $3 billion statewide general obligation bond for affordable housing on the November 2018 ballot to fund existing critical and successful affordable housing programs in California, Sen Governance and Finance Committee

SB 4 Mendoza, This is one of several measures that comprise the Senate “California Rebuild” Infrastructure package, due out for voter approval, subject to voter approval at the June 5, 2018, statewide primary election, would enact the Goods Movement and Clean Trucks Bond Act.

SB 35 Wiener, This is this year’s By-Right intending to remove barriers to producing housing, by overruling local jurisdictions public rights of notice and view and appeals to  forced density. By-Right Passed to Governor.

SB 167 Skinner. Housing Accountability Act, would prohibit local agencies from disapproving, or conditioning approval in a manner than renders infeasible, a housing development project for very low, low-, or moderate-income households or an emergency shelter unless the local agency makes specified written findings based upon substantial evidence in the record. Sent to Governor.

SB 431 Bates, Planning and zoning: building codes: accessory dwelling units.

SB 469 Skinner, Residential density and affordability.

SB 540  Roth, Atkins, Workforce Housing Opportunity Zone. Passed Senate, in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.

SB 562, Lara, Atkins, Californians for a Healthy California Act, FB: “Enact universal healthcare for California”, Senate Health Committee – supported by: Bonta, Galgiani, Gomez, Wiener, Allen, Chiu, Friedman, Kalra, McCarty, McGuire, Nazarian, Skinner, Mark Stone, Thurmond. Passed and Ordered to the Assembly. Stalled by the Speaker, Senator Anthony Rendon.

SB 595, Beale, Plan to escalate toll bridge revenues to pay for public transportation capital improvements, Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

SB 623, Monning, De León, Hertzberg, Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund, is being amended to add a state tax to our tap water bill, this will be the first time water is taxed by the state. If you don’t want your water taxed, better let Sacramento know. (Supported by Senators Dodd, Hernaande, Stone and Vidak; Assemblymember Bloom), 116771.  (a) (1) Until July 1, 2020, there is hereby imposed a safe and affordable drinking water fee on each person or entity that purchases water from a public water system… In Assembly Appropriations Committee

SB 649, Hueso, Removes local control over laws governing wireless facilities. In the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

SCA 2 Newman, Restricts use of funds generated by new motor vehicle fees and taxes (Senate Constitutional Amendment) in Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee

AB 1 Frazier, Low, Mullin, Santiago, Transportation funding. This bill would create the Road Maintenance and Rehabilitation Program to address deferred maintenance on the state highway system and local roads. Estimated $6 billion annually. “DIED pursuant to Art. IV, Sec. 10(c) of the Constitution.”

AB 13 Eggman, This bill seeks the development of the 580 Marine Highway corridor to reduce truck traffic between Oakland and Stockton. Funding would be subject to future appropriation.

AB 17 Holden, Re-introduction of AB 2222 (2017) to establish a transit pass program for free or reduced transit fare passes to qualified schools for use by pupils.

AB 25 Nazarian, This is a spot bill that expresses intent to develop legislation to foster safe operating tour buses

AB 28 Frazier, and Galgiani, Baker, Fong, Eduardo Garcia, and Mathis. Department of Transportation: environmental review process: federal pilot program. This bill would re-enact State authorization for Caltrans to accept delegated federal authority to administer NEPA.  (c) The department shall not delegate any of its responsibilities assumed pursuant to the federal laws described in subdivision (a) to any political subdivision of the state or its instrumentalities. Passed to Governor to sign.

AB 65 Patterson, Transportation bond debt service. This bill would shift debt service payments for High-Speed Rail bonds from truck weight fees to the state General Fund, intending to bring the High-Speed Rail project to an end. DIED

AB 71 Chiu, Ting, Mullin, Bring California Home Act will provide $300 million in funding for affordable homes by eliminating the state mortgage interest deduction on vacation homes.

AB 72  Santiago, Chiu, Mullin, Fair Housing Enforcement will earmark funding for enforcement of existing state housing laws through the State Attorney General

AB 73 Chiu, Caballero, Ting, Mullin, Santiago, Reduce Traffic and Pollution Act, will incentivize local governments to spur production of housing near public transportation to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. Another By-Right bill.

AB 74 Chiu, Santiago, Mullin, Housing for a Healthy California, will prevent homelessness and improve health through a MediCal rental housing subsidy.

AB 87  Ting, Nazarian, Autonomous vehicles. Amend Section 38750 of the Vehicle Code, regulating autonomous vehicles to provide that violation of this section is not an infraction and would instead, among other things, require the department to revoke the registration of a vehicle that is being operated in violation of those provisions. Passed, ordered to Senate.

AB 91 Cervantes, It would require that HOV lanes there may only operate as such during the hours of heavy commuter traffic.

AB 249 Gomez-Levine, California Disclose Act – Political Reform Act of 1974: clean up finances in California by passing the Disclose Act. Passed Assembly is being voted on this week. This is trying to mitigate the effects of Citizens Untied.

AB 342 Chiu, Wiener, Beall, Chu, Safe Streets Act of 2017. Vehicles: automated speed enforcement: five-year pilot program. An act to amend, repeal, and add Section 70615 of the Government Code, to amend, repeal, and add Section 10878 of the Revenue and Taxation Code, and to amend, repeal, and add Section 9800 of, and to add and repeal Article 3 (commencing with Section 22425) of Chapter 7 of Division 11 of, the Vehicle Code, relating to vehicles. In Privacy and Consumer Protection Committee. OPPOSITION FROM CITIZENS AND POLICE STOPPED THIS BILL THIS YEAR. THIS IS A 2-YEAR BILL DIED in 2018.

AB 431 Bigelow,  Armories: homeless shelter, Assembly Veterans Affairs annalysis of text 2/13/2017

AB 756 Ting,  Prima facie speed limits: Golden Gate Park, (Notwithstanding any other law, the prima facie speed limit when driving on a street or road within Golden Gate Park in the City of San Francisco, excluding Crossover Drive and Park Presidio Bypass Boulevard, shall be 15 miles per hour) DIED.

AB 890 Medina, Land Use Regulations: Local land use initiatives: environmental review. (d) A thorough environmental review of local land use projects is necessary to safeguard the environment and to inform the public of the projects’ possible consequences. This environmental review must occur at the earliest possible time. Vetoed by Governor.

AB 915 Ting, Protects Local Land Use Regulations: Links housing density with affordability. Sent to State Assembly . Amended in the Senate.

AB 932 Ting, streamlines until 2027 processes for building homeless shelters and supportive housing in San Francisco upon the declaration of a shelter crisis. Approved by Governor.

AB 943 Santiago, Raises the bar for referendums on developments in California by requiring a 55% majority to pass (amended from 2/3 majority) . Killed in the Senate Dead for this year!

AB-1094 Choi, Vehicles: automated traffic enforcement amends Section 21455 of the Vehicle Code. Passed and sent to the Governor.

AB-1103 – Obernolte, Ting, Bloom, Chávez, Kiley, Allows bicyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs. Amends Section 21200 of the Vehicle Code, Co-authored by Wiener. DIED.

AB 1157 Mullin, Surplus School Property: Build Teacher Housing

AB 1193 Gloria, Property Tax: Welfare Exemption: Low-Income Housing

AB 1479 Bonta, Permits a judge to penalize an agency for failing to comply with the state’s public records law. Vetoed by Governor.

AB 1505 Bloom, Chiu and Gloria, “Palmer Fix” for that would allow cities to require inclusive affordable requirements that courts have ruled are excluded by Costa-Hawkins as it is currently written. Moving through Committees. Passed off the House Floor with wide support.

AB 1506 Bloom, Chiu and Bonta, Residential rent control: Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act. The Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act prescribes statewide limits on the application of local rent control with regard to certain properties. This bill would repeal that act. (Send letters to your Rep) DEAD THIS YEAR. WILL COME BACK IN 2018.

AB 1521 Bloom, Chiu, Wiener, Notice of proposed change: Assisted Housing

AB 1585 Bloom, Establishes local Affordable housing zoning boards, and simplifies procedures, including for a single application for a comprehensive CU or other variance. DEAD.

AB 1598 Mullin, Community Revitalization and Investment Authorities

AB 1756 Brough. Transportation funding. This bill would repeal the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017. This bill would declare that it is to take effect immediately as an urgency statute.

ACA 4 Aguiar-Curry, Local Government Financing: Affordable Housing and Public Infrastructure: Voter Approval (aka the Right to Invest Act)

ACA 11 Caballero, California Middle Class Affordable Housing and Homeless Shelter: funding