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SB 827 Wiener, Transit-rich height increase. This bill would impose a state-mandated local program based on a Transit-rich housing density bonus, (amendments),  Sen Transportation and Housing Committee voted it down.

SB 828 Wiener, Housing Element change. Establish a methodology for the comprehensive assessment on unmet need for a prescribed number of units of housing built in each local area. Sen Appropriations Committee

SB 831 Wieckowski, Atkins, Wiener, ADU lowers bar for approvals. Senate Appropriations Committee

SB 893  Nguyen, Planning and zoning: density bonus, Addresses concessions or incentives for very low-, low- and moderate-income housing units. Sen Transportation and Housing Committee

AB-2246 Friedman. Rental passenger vehicles: personal vehicle sharing programs would require personal vehicle sharing programs to be licensed as rental cars. Assembly Judiciary Committee.

AB 2372, Gloria, Gonzalez, Fletcher, Low, Santiago, the CASA Housing Act, Planning and zoning: density bonus: floor area ratio bonus, to permit compact, affordable housing near public transit, with an op-in option, and no takeover of local control. Committee on GOV. and F.

AB 2631 Allen, Planning and zoning: affordable housing: streamlined approval process. Removes CU option in certain situations where CUs are now allowed. Assembly Local Government Committee

AB2890, Chiu, YIMBY bill to cut ADU red tape. So far ADUs are not popular. Passed Appropriations Committee.

AB2923 Chiu, Bill would impose a state-mandated local program requiring the BART board to replace parking lots with housing. Appropriations Committee

AB-2925 Bonta, Bloom, Chiu, Skinner support, Tenancy: eviction will be limited to good cause. No evictions for change of ownership, foreclosures, or reasonable repairs. Intent is to prevent unnecessary evictions. Assembly Judiciary Committee.