Oppose AB 2923

If you oppose the state handing ‘BART Property such as parking lots, over to BART to develop into housing for any reason, you want to oppose AB 2923. See more details on the bills here:

AB2923 Chiu, Bill would impose a state-mandated local program requiring the BART board to replace parking lots with housing. Senate Appropriations Committee.

A recent opinion letter signed by a lot of city and local officials in the Bay Area opposing this bill was published in the Mercury News:  Legislation would undermine city and county control

Actions your can take:
Stop the action in the Senate Appropriations Committee: https://sapro.senate.ca.gov/
E-mail your letter of opposition to the Chair and members of the Senate Appropriations Committee


Senator Anthony J. Portantino (Chair)
Senator Patricia Bates (Vice Chair)
Senator Jim Beall
Senator Steven Bradford
Senator Jerry Hill
Senator Jim Nielsen
Senator Scott Wiener

Call Mark McKenzie Staff Director: (916) 651-4101

Sample letter:

Subject: OPPOSE AB 2923

I encourage you to oppose AB 2923. We oppose legislation that overrides local control over local development and increases the responsibility and scope of work of transportation agencies and departments that can barely do the job they have now.

Organization (if you belong to one):

Forward this to other concerned people or organizations.