Oppose SB 828

We stopped SB827! Now we need to stp SB 828!
To Citizen Activists concerned about local control re: land use, zoning, and density, state funding for local mandates, or legislative over-reach

TIME FOR ACTION!  Kill the Bill: SB-828

Background Info: SF Senator Scott Wiener’s SB-828 (changes housing element law by modifying RHNA process; with significant, unfunded state and local financial consequences),  goes to the Assembly Appropriations Committee in early August. The Appropriations Committee only considers financial implications to the state budget, not policy implications.  Your action can help defeat the bill.

Email the Appropriation Committee Members requesting they hold the bill.

To Committee Chair:   Assemblymember.GonzalezFletcher@assembly.ca.gov
Cc Principle Consultant:  JenniferSwewnson@assembly.ca.gov

Subject: OPPOSE SB 828

To the Honorable Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher:

I encourage you to oppose SB 828 because it is too costly to the state, counties and the cities of California.

Thank You,
Organization (if you belong to one)

The Appropriation Committee members: Assemby.AppopriationsComm -4 
The California State Assembly : http://assembly.ca.gov/

Forward this to other engaged people or organizations and encourage them to join you in action.

Lorena S. Gonzalez Fletcher (Chair) 916-319-2080
Principal Consultant: Jennifer Swenson  916-319-2081