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Initiatives and Referenda Cleared for Circulation in 2019

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SB 4 Beall, McGuire, Housing – Senate Government and Finance Committee.

SB 6, Beall, McGuire, Housing Production – Set FOR Hearing ON 23-APR-1 10 a.m.

SB 9 Beall (Chiu), Income taxes: low-income housing credits: allocation: sale –  Set FOR Hearing ON 29-APR-19 10 a.m.

SB 13 Wieckowski, (Beall, Gloria, Skinner, Levine) Accessory dwelling units – Senate Government and Finance Committee.

SB 15 Portantino, Redevelopment -Property tax revenue allocations: Local-State Sustainable Investment Program. Will probably take from Education funds to fund housingSenate Committee on Housing

SB 25 Caballero, California Environmental Quality Act: funding for qualified opportunity zones – Set FOR Hearing ON 23-APR-19 1:30 p.m.

SB 42 Skinner, The Getting Home Safe Act – Set FOR Hearing ON 23-APR-1 a.m.

SB 43 Allen, Carbon Taxes – Environmental Quality

SB 47 Allan, Initiative, referendum, and recall petitions: disclosures – Elections and Constitutional Amendments

SB 48 Wiener, Homelessness: right to shelter – Senate Committee on Environmental Quality.

SB 49 Skinner, Energy Efficiency – Senate Senate Committee on Environmental Quality.

SB 50 Wiener, (Coauthors: Senators Caballero, Hueso, Moorlach, and Skinner)
(Coauthors: Assembly Members Burke, Kalra, Kiley, Low, Robert Rivas, Ting, and Wicks) Planning and zoning: housing development: equitable communities incentive – Government and Finance Committee.

SB 330 Skinner, Housing Crisis Act of 2019, would disallow down-zoning once the up-zoning is applied – Senate Committee on Housing

SB 460 Bealle, Car Registrations biennial registration proposal aims to make the department more efficient so it can devote more of its energy elsewhere.

SB-528 Hueso, Economic Development Bank would convert the California I-Bank — a state revolving fund with a 20 year history — into a true depository bank with a reserve account at the Federal Reserve. Senate Government and Finance Committee

SB-529 Durazo, Tenant associations: eviction for cause: withholding payment of rent: right to organize. Senate Judiciary Committee

AB 62 Fong, State government: Budget Transparency Act of 2019, Fiscal: transparency – Assembly Accountability and Administrative Review Committee

AB 867 Wood, Credit Card Payment Plans – Assembly

AB 1487