CA Bills 2020

Committee Meeting During the COVID-19 Shutdown

SB 278 Beal – FASTER BAY AREA placeholder bill. Passed through Senate. In Assembly now. Some confusion over the bill. Appropriations Committee.

SB 592 Wiener – Housing Accountability Act permit streamlining, Assembly rules commttee.

SB 773 Skinner – Land use: accessory dwelling units.- Ordered to the Assembly.

SB 899 Wiener – An act to amend Section 65915 of the Government Code, nonsubstantive change to Density Bonus Law. (placeholder) Section 65915 – A city, county, or city and county shall adopt an ordinance that specifies how compliance with this section will be implemented. Failure to adopt an ordinance shall not relieve a city, county, or city and county from complying with this section, etc. Senate Housing Committee

SB 902 Wiener – An act to amend Section 65400 of the Government Code, relating to land use. Existing law, the Planning and Zoning Law, requires a city or county to adopt a general plan for land use development within its boundaries that includes, among other things, a housing element. Senate Housing Committee

SB 906 Skinner, Housing: Redefine joint living and work quarters to mean residential occupancy by a group of persons, whether those persons are related or unrelated. Senate Housing Committee

SB 953 Wiener, Nielsen, Solar Bill of Rights re: discriminatory fees or charge, in Energy, Utilities and Communications Committee, March 17 meeting was postponed. Send position papers. Details:

SB1079 Skinner Residential property warehousing. Authorize a city, county, or city and county to acquire a residential property within its jurisdiction by eminent domain if the property has been vacant for at least 90 days… and the local agency provides just compensation to the owner based on the lowest assessment obtained for the property by the local agency.

SB1431 Glazer, property taxation: reassessment: immediate disaster relief for corporate property owners. Sen Governance and Finance Committee May 21 hearing.

AB 725 Wicks, Wiener, Skinner, Require that at least 25% of the metropolitan jurisdiction’s share of the regional housing needs. Assembly Appropriations

AB 953 Bloom ADU legislation This bill would deem a permit application for the creation of an accessory dwelling unit or junior accessory dwelling unit approved if the local agency has not acted upon the completed application within 60 days.

AB 1279 Bloom, Planning and zoning: housing development: high-resource areas. Senate Housing Committee

AB 1907 Santiago Would “exempt from the CEQA all housing development with 50 percent or more units set aside for homeless housing, as well as affordable housing developments with 100 percent affordable or supportive housing units in the City.”

AB 1921 Diep, Bauer-Kahan – Would make forcibly entering a vehicle, as defined, with the intent to commit a theft therein a crime punishable by imprisonment in a county jail… By creating a new crime, this bill would impose a state-mandated local program. Committee on Public Safety. 

AB 2057 Chiu – This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to later enact legislation relating to public transportation in the 9-county San Francisco Bay area to establish Integrated regional fare and schedules. Com. on TRANS.

AB 2824 Bonta, Placeholder bill for creation of a bus lane on the Bay Bridge. Com. on TRANS.