CA Bills 2015

California State bills in the works so far in 2015:

Send comments and letters on the ones you care about.
State reps on the Senate Transportation and Housing Committees:
State Assembly Committee on Transportation
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Senate Bills:

SB 9 – Senator Beal, Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund: Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program. amended and re-refer to the Committee on [Transportation and Housing]

SB 32 – Senator Pavely, Global Solutions Act of 2006: Emissions limit requires the State Air Resources Board to approve a specific statewide greenhouse gas emission limit. Referred to  Senate Environmental Quality Committee, Passed.

SB 34 – Senator Jerry Hill, Automated license plate recognition systems: use of data, will increase privacy protections for data collected by automated license plate readers (ALPRs), including the imposition of security procedures and privacy policies, activity logs, and penalties for misuse of the data. ALPRs represent a growing threat to privacy, and such safeguards will help protect citizens’ rights. PASSED.

SB 39 Senator Pavley, High-Occupancy Vehicle Lanes – Increases the number of vehicle identifiers that the DMV is authorized to issue for HOV lane usage to an unspecified amount. Sent to Appropriations with an urgent request to pass and to take effect immediately.

SB 64 – Senator Carol Liu, State Transportation Plan – Requires the State Transportation Commission to review recommendations in the update to the Transportation Plan prepared by the department in 2015, and every 5 years thereafter, to prepare specific recommendations for statewide integrated multimodal transportation system improvements, and to submit a report in that regard to the Legislature and the Governor. Referred to Senate Transportation and Housing Committee

SB 167 – Senator Gaines, California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 – Makes nonsubstantive changes to the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 that designates the State Air Resources Board as the state agency charged with monitoring and regulating sources of emissions of greenhouse gases. Referred to Senate Rules Committee

SB 192 – Senator Carol Liu, Bicycle Helmet and Reflectors – Extend the helmet requirement to adults and also require all riders to wear reflective clothing when cycling at night. Contact Robert Oakes: 916-651-4025 – Sent to Transportation and Housing Committee. This has been amended to a study. No point in supporting it.

SB 231 – Gaines. Transportation programs –  Projects eligible for funding pursuant to the program include any of the following: (a) Intermodal, affordable housing projects that support infill and compact development… Capital projects that implement local complete streets programs… adding waterborne (ferries) and Other projects or programs designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other criteria air pollutants by reducing automobile trips and vehicle miles traveled within a community.  Passing.

SB 246 – Senator Wieckowski, Climate Action Team – Creates the Climate Action Team that would be responsible for coordinating the state’s climate policy to achieve the state’s climate change goals, identifying specified unavoidable climate change impacts, developing and implementing specified mitigation and adaptation plans, and identifying and disseminating information to local governments and regional bodies. Referred to  Senate Environmental Quality Committee

SB 364 – Senator Leno – Amendments to State Law to Return Local Control Over the Ellis Act – to prevent real estate speculation and abuse of no-fault evictions. Sent to Transportation and Housing Committee. Lost by one vote. Send letters as it is open for reconsideration.

SB 400 – Senator Ricardo Lara, High Speed Rail – specifies that not less than 25% of the cap and trade funds allocated for High Speed Rail project construction will be spent on environmental mitigation of the project, including measures that will provide a co-benefit of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. – See more at:

SB 491 – Senator Beall, Transportation: Omnibus Bill – Relates to a public meeting requirement to adopt criteria for spending vehicle registration funds for air quality projects. Relates to enrolling a driver in the pull notice system. Prohibits driving a commercial motor vehicle with specified experience, training, or both. Extends, in specified counties, the requirement for proof of financial responsibility to register a vehicle. Relates to protected bikeways. Updates federal transportation programming documents. Relates to project projection dates. PASSED.

SB 511 – Senator Nguyen, Housing Element – Makes nonsubstantive changes the Planning and Zoning Law that requires each city, country, or city to prepare and adopt a general plan for its jurisdiction that contains certain mandatory elements, including a housing element. Sent to Rules Committee

SB 581 – Senator Cannella, Land Use: Housing Element – Makes technical nonsubstantive changes to existing law which requires the housing element to contain specified information. Revises references to redevelopment agencies within those housing element provisions to instead refer to successor housing agencies and would make other nonsubstantive changes to the housing element requirement. Sent to Transportation and Housing Committee

SB 593 – Senator McGuire, Leno, Residential units for tourist or transient use: hosting platforms – Will help stop landlords from using Airbnb to convert scarce permanent housing for residents into hotels for tourists, while avoiding the taxes traditional hotels have to pay. The bill will empower cities to enforce local regulations and force short term rental companies to make disclosures as required under local law. That’s why tenant advocates working at the local level support this important bill. Governance and Finance Committee is set to vote on May 13

SB-645 – “California Renewable Portfolio Standard”

SB 764 – Senator Morrell, Land Use: Housing – Makes nonsubstantive changes to the Planning and Zoning Law that requires each city, county, and city and county to prepare and adopt a general plan that contains certain mandatory elements, including, but not limited to, a housing element that analyzes existing and projected housing needs. Sent to Rules Committee

Assembly Bills:

AB 2 – Assembly Member Alejo, Eduardo Garcia: Community Revitalization Authority – Authorizes certain local agencies to form a community revitalization authority with a community revitalization and investment area to carry out provisions of the Community Redevelopment Law in that area for infrastructure, affordable housing, and economic revitalization and to provide for the issuance of bonds serviced by tax increment revenues. Passed sent to Government Finance Committee.

AB 4 – Assembly Member Linder, Vehicle Weight Fees: Transportation Bond Debt Service – Prohibits weight fee revenues from being transferred from the State Highway Account to the Transportation Debt Service Fund, the Transportation Bond Direct Payment Account, or any other fund or account for the purpose of payment of the debt service on transportation general obligation bonds. Prohibits loans of weight fee revenues to the General Fund. Sent to Assembly Transportation Committee; no hearing date

AB 6 – Assembly Member Wilk, Bonds: Transportation, school facilities – Would provide that no further bonds shall be sold for high-speed rail purposes.. would also require the net proceeds of other 99 bonds subsequently issued and sold under the high-speed rail portion of the bond act to be made available, upon appropriation, to fund construction of school facilities for K-12 and higher education. Failed passage. Reconsideration granted.

AB 35 – Assembly Members Chiu and Atkins, Low Income Housing: Allocation Increase, This bill, for calendar years beginning 2015, would increase the aggregate housing credit dollar amount that may be allocated among low-income housing projects by $300,000,000, as specified. This bill would take effect immediately as a tax levy. Sent to Housing and Community Development – will be heard April 15th.

AB 40 – Assembly Member Ting, Sidewalk Fees on Golden Gate Bridge, Blocks sidewalk tolls by the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation district on the Golden Gate Bridge. Sent to Assembly Transportation Committee

AB 61 – Assembly Member Travis Allen, Shuttle services: loading and unloading of passengers. A bill that many in San Francisco citizens oppose. No hold.

AB 162 – Assembly Member Rodriguez, Wrong-way driving – Would task the California Department of Transportation to conduct a study analyzing wrong-way driving on state highways and present recommendations to combat it. Sent to Assembly Transportation Committee

AB 194 – Assembly Member Frazier, High-Occupancy Toll Lanes – Deletes the requirement that high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes facilities be consistent with the established standards, requirements and limitations that apply to specified facilities. Requires the State Transportation Commission to establish guidelines for the development and operation of the facilities approved by the Commission on or after a specified date, subject to specified minimum requirements. Prohibits conversion of non-toll lanes, except for HOT lanes. Removes limits on the number of such lanes. Sent to Assembly Transportation Committee

AB 210 – Assembly Member Gatto, High-occupancy vehicle lanes : County of Los Angeles – Would open High Occupancy Vehicle lanes to general traffic during off-peak hours on select Los Angeles County highways. Sent to Assembly Transportation Committee

AB 323 – Assembly Member Olsen, Environmental Quality Act: Exemption – Roadway improvement – Amends the California Environmental Quality Act that exempts a project or an activity to repair, maintain, or make minor alterations to an existing roadway, if the project of activity is carried out by a city or county with a population of less than 100,000 persons to improve public safety and meets other specified requirements to extend the above exemption indefinitely. Referred to Committee on Natural Resources and Transportation.

AB 369 – Assembly Member Steinorth, Local Government – Makes nonsubstantive changes to the Planning and Zoning Law that establishes in each city and county a planning agency with the powers necessary to carry out the purposes of that law and sets forth the Legislature’s findings and declarations regarding the availability of affordable housing throughout the state. Pending Referral

AB 516 – Assembly Member Mullin, Vehicles: Temporary License Plates – Requires the Department of Motor Vehicles to develop a temporary license plate system to enable vehicle dealers and lessor retailers to provide temporary license plates. Requires a vehicle dealer or lessor-retailer to affix a temporary license plate, at the time of sale, to a vehicle sold without a permanent license plate. Referred to Committee on Transportation.

AB 875 – Assembly Member Matthew Harper – Low-speed electric bicycles  This bill would redefine this type of “motorized bicycle” by, among other things, renaming it a “low-speed electric bicycle. Referred to Committee on Transportation.

AB 1160 – Assembly Member Matthew Harper – Vehicles: automated traffic enforcement systems  This bill would, beginning January 1, 2016, prohibit a governmental agency from installing an automated traffic enforcement system. Pending Referrel

AB 1062 – Assembly Member Bonta, Environmental Justice Small Grant Program – Makes changes to the Environmental Justice Small Grant Program. Includes the implementation, including planing, engineering, significant infrastructure improvements, and constructing, of physical projects that improve the environment or the environmental health of a community or that address a specific environmental justice need, among the purposes for which a grant may be awarded. Requires agencies under the Environmental Protection Agency to expand a specified percentage of its budget to such grants. Pending Referrel

AB 1068 – Assembly Member Travis Allen, California Environmental Quality Act: Priority Projects – Authorizes each Member of the Legislature to nominate one project within his or her respective district each year, and the Governor to designate those projects as priority projects if the projects meet specified requirements. Requires the Governor to provide a notice of the designation to the appropriate lead agency and to the Office of Planning and Research. Requires an environmental impact report for each project. Authorizes tiering from previously prepared reports. Relates to court stays of projects. Pending Referrel

AB 1084 – ssembly Member Bonilla. Jobs and housingExisting law, requires the Department of Housing and Community Development to prepare a guidebook for use by certain public and private entities in the planning and development of a housing supply to meet the need created by employment growth, and requires the Assembly Office of Research to complete a study on the effectiveness of the guidebook. This bill would delete those provisions. in Housing and Community Development Committee

AB 1220 –  Matthew Harper – Transient occupancy taxes: residential short-term rentals units  This bill would prohibit a legislative body of a local agency, defined to mean any city, county, city and county, including any chartered city, county, or city and county, from levying a tax on the privilege of occupying a residential short-term rental unit, as defined. Author canceled committee hearing. Keep up the pressure to kill this one.

AB 1251 – Assembly Member Gomez, Greenway Development and Sustainment Act – Enacts the Greenway Development and Sustainment Act and would authorize those tax-exempt nonprofit organizations to acquire and hold a conservation easement if the organizations have as their primary purpose the development of a greenway. Includes greenways in the definition of open-space land for local planning purposes. Pending Referrel

AB 1287 – Assembly member Chiu, Parking Violations: Camerasto continue permanently the city’s use of cameras aboard Muni vehicles to issue citations for vehicles stopping or parking in transit-only lanes. These are not just parking violations. These are moving violations. Read the details of the bill. FAILED.

AB 1398 – Assembly Member Wilk, Environmental Quality: Sustainable Environmental – Relates to the California Environmental Quality Act, which requires a lead agency, as defined, to prepare, or cause to be prepared, and certify the completion of, and environmental impact report (EIR). Enacts the Sustainable Environmental Protection Act. Specifies the environmental review for projects related to specified environmental topical areas. Prohibits a cause of action that alleges noncompliance based on any topical area or criteria. Struck Down.

AB 1403 – Assembly Member Maienschein, Housing: Joint Powers Agreement – Amends the Joint Exercise of Powers Act. Provides that a private, nonprofit corporation that provides services to homeless persons or for the prevention of homelessness may enter into a joint powers agreement with a public agency to provide frequent user coordinated care housing services for homeless persons. Pending Referrel

AB 1431 – Assembly Member Gomez, Housing Element – Makes nonsubstantive changes to the provision regarding the information required to be included in the housing element under the Planning and Zoning Law. Pending Referrel

AB 1482 – Assembly Member Gordon, Strategic Growth Council: Duties – Expands the duties of the Strategic Growth Council to include overseeing and coordinating state agency actions to adapt to climate change and identifying and pursuing opportunities for state agencies to collaborate with federal or local agencies in their climate adaptation efforts. Pending Referrel

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