Breed to appoint former aide, Lower Haight activist Vallie Brown as District 5 supervisor

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

Mayor London Breed will announce Monday morning the appointment of Vallie Brown as her successor to the District 5 seat on the Board of Supervisors to represent the Western Addition, Haight and Hayes Valley neighborhoods, sources confirmed to the San Francisco Examiner. 

Brown comes to the post having worked as a legislative aide for two previous District 5 supervisors, beginning with Ross Mirkarimi in 2006 and later Breed. 

She will serve at her first Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday. Breed will also be on hand since it coincides with the board’s monthly “question time” with the mayor.

Brown will have at least a year before she would need to stand election, which would occur in June if there is a special election or November of 2019. Dean Preston, executive director of Tenants Together, a statewide tenants rights organization, who previously ran against Breed and lost, has already announced his intention to run… (more) 


Exploding signature gathering costs threaten SF homeless, housing ballot measures

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez : sfexaminer – excerpt

Okay folks, this is weird: Too much local democracy is threatening local democracy.

Let me explain.

A surge in local Bay Area ballot measures is driving up the price for paid signature gatherers (the gig-economy workers who are paid by the signature), and those price hikes are now causing activists to put the kibosh on San Francisco ballot measures.

That price hike was one among a few reasons our local Berniecrats decided to press pause on their Community Housing Act, they told me, and now may also threaten a ballot measure aimed at housing thousands of San Franciscans who are homeless… (more)

Dean Preston files for D5 supe

by Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Plus: Progressives rally around Gordon Mar — and a powerful housing measure needs help

We just finished one election cycle, but the next one is already on us – and it’s shaping up as a key test of the newly elected mayor and her allies.

London Breed will take the oath of office July 11, and fairly shortly thereafter, will appoint her replacement for D5 supe. That person will not have to run until 2019, giving them a chance to build a record – but tenant advocate Dean Preston, who came close to unseating Breed in 2016, has already announced he is running for the office.

He’s running as a democratic socialist and will have significant momentum from the passage of Prop. F, which guarantees every tenantwho faces eviction the right to a lawyer. Preston was the initiative sponsor… (more)

Now that D4 is in play, the progressives seem to have agreed to rally around Gordon Mar. Li Miao Lovett, a City College union activist, also filed to run, but this week decided that the progressive movement would be better off with one candidate. So she dropped out and endorsed and will fully support Mar.

Lovett had the support of the Bernicrats and Democratic Socialists of America, two groups of (mostly) young and (very) well organized activists who played a huge rule in the June passage of the tenant right-to-counsel law and the defeat of the Police Officers Association Taser measure…(more)


Gimme Shelter podcast: The rent control war

By Matt Levin : calmatters and gimmeshelter (includes audio track from podcast)

One housing issue will overshadow all others this election: Rent control. Matt and Liam discuss why renewed negotiations to remove a controversial rent control initiative from the ballot went nowhere, and what the campaigns will look like this fall. First, Matt proposes a solution to the Los Angeles Clippers’ battles with the California Environmental Quality Act in the Avocado of the Fortnight (3:30). Then a discussion about why negotiations over rent control have been so fruitless (11:23). Debra Carlton, senior vice president of public affairs for the California Apartment Association, stops by the studio to talk about the landlords’ perspective (24:00). And Amy Schur, campaign director for Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, calls in to give the tenants’ side (47:30). *… (more)

RELATED – 12 more initiatives on the November ballot:

Propositions on the November 2018 California ballot

by Ben Christopher : calmatters – excerpt

Prop 6: Gas Tax Repeal, Repeal a recent increase in the gas tax and other fuel and car fees and require voter approval for all related taxes in the future.
Prop 10: Repeal Costa-Hawkins, Allow cities to introduce new restrictions on market rents or expand existing rent control policies
Prop 5: Portable Prop 13, Allow older or disabled homeowners to take their lowered property tax base with them when they move.
Prop 8: Dialysis Clinic Profit Pruning, Require companies that operate dialysis clinics to pay back insurers any profits over 15 percent of qualifying business costs.
Prop 1: Affordable Housing Bond, Give the state permission to borrow $4 billion to fund affordable housing construction ($3 billion) and to subsidize home loans for veterans ($1 billion).
Prop 9: Tim Draper’s Three State Solution, Divide California into three new states: “Northern California,” “Southern California,” and “California.”
Prop 2: Mental Health Money for Housing, Give the state permission to borrow $2 billion to fund supportive housing for those suffering with mental illness and to repay the cost of that bond with money set aside for mental health services.
Prop 12: Bigger Cages for Farm Animals, Place new size requirements on the coops and cages used to contain breeding pigs, veal calfs, and egg-laying hens. It would also require all egg-laying hens be raised in specified “cage-free” conditions. These requirements would apply to anyone selling related food products in California, even if the farms are out of state.
Prop 11: Paramedic Break Time, Allow private ambulance services to require their emergency medical service employees to remain on call during meal and rest breaks. Also guarantees technicians additional training and some paid medical health services.
Prop 7: Daylight Savings Time, Would repeal the measure Californians passed back in 1949 creating Daylight Savings Time. The Legislature would then be able to determine how the state sets its time—to eliminate moving clocks backward and forward every spring and fall.
Prop 4: Childrens Hospital Bond, Give the state permission to borrow $1.5 billion to renovations, expansions, and upgrades at hospitals that treat children. Most of the funding is reserved for private non-profit hospitals and hospitals run through one of University of California campuses.
Prop 3: Another Water Bond, Give the state permission to borrow $8.9 billion to fund watershed protection, wastewater projects, groundwater management, as well as upgrades and repairs to traditional water infrastructure, like canals and dams… (more)

Campaign deadlines:
June 19 Deadline for candidates to declare intention to run
June 28 Deadline for ballot initiatives to be certified
August 15 Deadline for political parties to endorse
October 22 Voter registration deadline
October 30 Vote-by-mail request deadline

Cohen is unanimous choice for board prez

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

Two strong African American Women will lead San Francisco City Hall during the Trump Term.

After both Sups. Jane Kim, Aaron Peskin, and Hillary Ronen talked about how “unfortunate” the process that Mayor-elect London Breed created for selecting a new board president was, everyone on the board agreed to support Sup. Malia Cohen to be the next board president… (more)



SF Mayor-elect Breed names former Supervisor Sean Elsbernd chief of staff

by  : sfgate – excerpt

San Francisco Mayor-elect London Breed announced Monday that she’s tapped former Supervisor Sean Elsbernd to be her chief of staff as she begins her transition to the mayor’s office.

Elsbernd now serves as U.S. Sen. Diane Feinstein’s state director, but will move into Breed’s administration after the Nov. 6 election. Elsbernd previously represented District Seven on the board of supervisors. Elsbernd is also an attorney and a former senior staffer for then-Mayor Gavin Newsom.

The announcement marks the first major appointment of Breed’s incoming administration… (more)

A number of budget items are discussed in the article.

Supervisors block funding for SFPD to buy Tasers

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

San Francisco’s Police Department will not be able to equip its officers with Tasers as planned after the funding to buy the devices was cut Monday by a Board of Supervisors committee.

The Board of Supervisors Budget and Finance Committee voted 3-2 Monday to remove the $2 million in Mayor Mark Farrell’s two-year budget proposal for the Police Department to purchase Tasers in the upcoming fiscal year. An additional $1 million in the subsequent fiscal year was placed on reserve as well.

Supervisor Sandra Fewer made the motion to cut the Taser funding, with the support of Supervisors Norman Yee and committee chair Supervisor Malia Cohen. Supervisors Jeff Sheehy and Catherine Stefani opposed the cut.. (more)

Not surprising considering the different attitudes and opinions around the city about how to deal with the crime wave. This Board is voting with their constituents in mind.