SF tweaks density bonus program to boost affordable housing development

By Joshua Sabatini : sfexaminer – excerpt

To encourage more developers to use San Francisco’s one-year-old program that allows denser development in exchange for increased affordable housing units, the Board of Supervisors modified the program Tuesday.

Instead of requiring all projects taking advantage of “Home-SF” to provide 30 percent of units at a below-market rate, the board unanimously voted to create tiered rates… (more)


E. Palo Alto May Give Homeless People Living In RVs A Permanent Place To Park

cbslocal – excerpt

EAST PALO ALTO (KPIX) – East Palo Alto may provide people living in motor homes and RVs a permanent parking space.

The city is considering a plan to provide parking and some services at the former Tanklage site on Bay Road.

“They have so many homeless people here, but they think they’re all drug addicts,” says Annette Brown. “That’s not the case.”

Brown is talking about the dozens of people who live in cars and RVs who parked there… (more)

Mission nonprofit seeks to buy historic Redstone Building to keep tenants in place

Beaux Artists

By Laura Waxmann :sfexaminer – excerpt

The Mission Economic Development Agency is seeking to purchase the Mission District’s more-than-a-century old Redstone Building after its owner put it on the market earlier this year, placing its nonprofit and artist tenants at risk of displacement.

Formerly known as the Redstone Labor Temple, the historic building at 16th and Capp streets once served as the organizing hub for city unions and now houses over a dozen community groups and many independent artists.

MEDA, a nonprofit Mission District housing developer, is currently involved in negotiations with longtime landlord David Lucchesi over a potential purchase of the building in an effort to retain it as a community resource.

“The Mission cannot afford to lose this vital asset, so we are currently exploring public and philanthropic financing options — contingent on ongoing feasibility studies of the property and feedback from tenants — so that MEDA…

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Lyft’s Big Bike-Share Buy Is About Ruling the Streets

Meter Madness

By Aarian Marshal : wired – excerpt

Today, Lyft announced it has acquired North America’s largest bike-share operator, Motivate, for a reported $250 million. The move comes just three months after archrival Uber took over Jump Bicycles, a smaller and flashier dockless electric bike-share company, for $200 million. And thus, the urban transportation wars click into a higher gear, as the fight moves to the bike lane…

In a blog post, Lyft said it would take over Motivate’s technology and corporate functions, including, critically, its city contracts...

On its face, the acquisition of Motivate—which will be rebranded Lyft Bikes—makes a ton of sense. Ride-hailing companies are nervous that vehicles like cycles and scooters will cut into their business by giving people cheaper, traffic-free options for making short trips through dense areas. So instead of fighting these new modalities, the ride-hailing giants bought them out…

That could be…

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Opposing SB 827


What your block could look like if SB 827 passes.

Actions against SB 827:

Sign the petition to Stop SB 827 NO to SB 827 & SB 828! Stop Top-Down Planning & Unsustainable High-Density Housing Growth!

A sample letter opposing SB 827 was written by The Marina Community Association: SB827letter

Contacts for your letter or comments to the City Hall authorities are below. This week could be the last chance you get if the bill is sent to the Full Board for a vote.

Some rebuttals to the latest amendments are here

Contacts list:
To:  mayormarkfarrell@sfgov.org
Cc: Jane.Kim@sfgov.org, Katy.Tang@sfgov.org, Ahsha.Safai@sfgov.org, Norman.Yee@sfgov.org, Catherine.Stefani@sfgov.org, Malia.Cohen@sfgov.org, Sandra.Fewer@sfgov.org, London.Breed@sfgov.org, Aaron.Peskin@sfgov.org, SheehyStaff@sfgov.org, hillary.ronen@sfgov.org, board.of.supervisors@sfgov.org, richhillissf@gmail.com, myrna.melgar@sfgov.org, planning@rodneyfong.com, joel.koppel@sfgov.org, kathrin.moore@sfgov.org, dennis.richards@sfgov.org, Commissions.Secretary@sfgov.org, andrew@tefarch.com, aaron.hyland.hpc@gmail.com, ellen.hpc@ellenjohnckconsulting.com, RSEJohns@yahoo.com, dianematsuda@hotmail.com, jonathan.pearlman.hpc@gmail.com, AnMarie.Rodgers@sfgov.org, Dyanna.quizon@sfgov.org, Ellie.millerhall@sfgov.org


Charter Amendment – Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters

Meter Madness

Here is the first draft of the language put forth to as a proposal to amend the charter that establishes the authority of the SFMTA, referred to as the SFMTA Charter Amendment ballot initiative. Please review this and let your supervisors know how you feel about this amendment. Contacts are here.

FILE NO. 171309 First Draft, 12/12/2017

BOARD OF SUPERVISORS  [Charter Amendment – Jurisdiction Within City Government Over Parking and Traffic Matters, sponsored by Peskin and Safai

Read it here and follow the updates here.

Describing and setting forth a proposal to the voters at an election to be held on June 5, 2018, to amend the Charter of the City and County of San Francisco to eliminate the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency’s jurisdiction over parking and traffic regulations; to grant the legislative authority over parking and traffic to the Board of Supervisors; to create a new Livable Streets…

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Tenants call out Chiu on key rent-control measure

By Tim Redmond : 48hills – excerpt

They demand that cautious Assemblymember take a more active role in helping stop evictions

A group of San Francisco tenants and advocates delivered an eviction warning to Assemblymember David Chiu today, urging that he help push a repeal of the notorious Costa-Hawkins bill through the Legislature.

Chiu is the chair of the Assembly Housing Committee, the first stop on the path toward bringing the repeal bill to the floor.

The author of the bill is Assemblymember Richard Bloom of Santa Monica. Chiu is listed as a co-author, but tenant advocates say he has not made the measure a priority…

Here are the members of the committee. Five are Democrats; two are Republicans. The current leadership of the Assembly and the Democratic Party have no made tenant issues a priority, and apparently don’t want to put pressure on anyone to vote to help renters…

True said Chiu wants to meet with the tenants, and that’s fine. But what we have here is a very different philosophy. Chiu has endorsed Sonja Trauss, the build-at-all-costs candidate who no tenant organization would ever support, in District 6. He doesn’t look to the Tenants Union and the Housing Rights Committee for direction; he looks to what’s good for his relations with the rest of the Assembly Democrats, who are often real-estate shills…(more)

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