WEAR A MASK! You can wash your hands but not your lungs.

Here is the explanation why. Please share this it with everyone.

I don’t know if you understand the fast spread of the virus. The news media, the president etc… do not explain it well.

When a person is getting sick, is slightly sick, or is a carrier exhales, they spray thousands of the virus particles go out into the air around him.

They do not have to cough or sneeze. If you are in a grocery store and walk 6 feet behind them you can still get the virus because you are following in their air space, that has thousands of his virus particles. So wear a mask and if you don’t have one make one from a paper towel by folding it, stapling the ends and stapling a piece of fine elastic to that stapled end. Or use a kerchief. Just cover your nose and mouth with something that keeps water droplets from passing through. The virus sticks to the water droplets.

Be careful when you go to a grocery store. Disinfecting the floor and counters is less important than the mask.

Please wear a mask if you must go out in public for your sake and everyone

Legal Implications of the COVID-19 Emergency Acts:

During the Pandemic we will be posting related links on this page. We will not cover the news that everyone sees daily. We will post links to the legislation that is being passed as a result of the pandemic and try to add to the details on how to work within the system.

The Governor signed Executive Order N-29-20

Mayor Breed declared a state of emergency. During the March 17 Board of Supervisors Meeting plans were made to set up a remote meeting system that overrides the Brown Act. Questions were raised by Supervisor Peskin and others regarding pubic participation rules and power shifts within local governments. A number of questions could not be answered at the meeting, and we requested notice on the answers after the meeting. We can share the link to the information here as it came to us from Angela Calvillo and Eileen McHugh.

Clerk of the Board sink a link to the City Attorney’s memo:
If you have any other questions, contact /

Since the Emergency Declaration and a number of supplementals have been signed by the Mayor. Here is one of them: Don’t just assume the media reports are correct as they may be leaving out details you need to protect yourself.

We will post any other links that seem to be important that people send us in the  comments.